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Locksmith Tools-The A1 Cap Saver

Locksmith Tools-The A1 Cap Saver

Locksmith Tools-The A1 Cap Saver

Technicians who are frequently or infrequently servicing I/C core locks will find a new locksmith tool and product on the market to by quite helpful. The A1 Cap Saverhas been recently released by A1 Security Manufacturing and offer several benefits that previously have not been seen in I/C Core technology.

IC core capping press

The A-1 Cap Saver Press and Strips

As locksmiths know, one of the most time consuming parts of rekeying I/C core locks is the process of capping the cylinder. Inexperienced locksmiths can fumble with a cap for several minutes. It only takes a few caps springs shooting in several directions to start searching for better solutions. The A1 Cap Saver Strips and PressA1 Cap Saver Stripsare cutting the time down to a matter of moments. The cap is pressed and formed as it is pushed on the cylinder, saving time and reducing the opportunity for a poorly capped cylinder. The A1 Cap Saver Strips are also cutting costs down for locksmiths by offering the caps at a lower price than tradition IC core caps.

Pick up your A1 Capping A-1 Capping Press and A1 Cap Saver Strips today at!

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