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Declining Costs Of High Security Key Machines

Declining Costs Of High Security Key Machines

As with any new technology, the initial years are always the most expensive. When a product has been on the market for a longer period of time, with growing competition, the cost is inevitably lowered. This has also become true of high security key machines and laser cut key generation. High security keys, sometimes called sidewinder or laser cut, have been in and around the locksmith marketplace for some time now. For the U.S. marketplace, more domestic vehicle manufactures are using high security blades than ever before. This has led to an ever increasing need for affordable and capable high security key machine.

In terms of high security key machines, several key machine manufacturers have set out to make machines to cut these high security keys in recent years. The machines vary in quality, technology, durability, and versatility. Each of the various high security key machines attempt to corner a part of the locksmith market looking for certain needs. These can be key cutters in production, requiring fully automatic high security code cutters, or small locksmith companies in search of an occasional key to be cut.

The ESP 339 High Security Key Machine

Recently, ESP has launched a machine that really seeks to meet more than just one area of the market. The quality ESP 339machine has impressive features with an impressive price. This machine duplicates high security laser and dimple keys as quickly as larger and more highly priced competitors. The machine also has a few features to provide seamless cutting, transitions, and adaptability.

  • Integrated LED style light;
  • Manual locking of all mobile parts;
  • Carriages mounted on ball bearings for smooth movement;
  • Convenient cutters storage at top of mahcine;
  • Spring loaded tracer assembly for dimple keys;
  • Separate on/off and start button;
  • Flip down safety shield;
  • Optional equipment; Mercedes 2-track adapter set, Audi/VW adapters and dimple cutter and tracer set.

To learn more about high security key cutting or the ESP 339, visit us today!

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