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Framon Sidewinder 2

Framon Sidewinder 2

Framon Sidewinder 2

The Framon Sidewinder 2 Is High Security Key Duplication and Code Cutting At Their Finest

It is hard to find a high security key machine and duplicator that offer as much as the recently released Sidewinder 2. The Framon Sidewinder 2 is an alternative to computer driven key machines. It is capable of cutting VW, Honda, Lexus (Long and Short), and Hyundai/ Kia 4 Track keys. The duplicator function of the machine is able to cut an even more expansive amount of keys. Cutters included in the machine are two each of a 5/32″ cutter, 3mm cutter, and 3/32″ cutter as well as their respective guides. The GHCB093LS cutter is now included in the SD2-LX package. Volkswagen & Audi vises are included as well as the standard set of vises.

framon sidewinder 2

The Framon Sidewinder 2uses depth & space “rods” which can be engaged in about 15 seconds when you want to code cut. Simply tighten the knurled thumb screw to engage the rod.

The Sidewinder 2 comes with everything you need to code cut all of these keys at time of purchase. Depth & space rods are easily changeable. Switching from one manufacturer to another takes about one minute and requires no adjustment to the rods.

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