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General Motors VATS Tools

General Motors VATS Tools

For a number of years and for a number of vehicles, General Motors used an anti theft system called VATS. This system used both a single and double sided key, depending on the year and model of vehicle, and a set of 15 different resistor chips to deter theft. Not only did a person need a key that turned, but also a key that had the correct resistance. Although no longer in use, there are still many of these vehicle on the road that need keys made when lost or serviced when the ignition is not operating correctly. So what are some necessary locksmith tools for these vehicles?

GATOR Vats Bypass Module

gator vats bypass module

The Vats Bypass Module #VBM054 is designed for those times when a General Motors VATS ignition lock fails. A number of problems can cause this, including wiring problems or breakage. When an immediate fix is necessary to start the vehicle or when there are issues keeping the steering column from being removed, the Bypass module redirects the signal that typically goes through the key and sends it back to the ECU. The module has the 15 resistance settings needed to start the vehicle. 

VATS Interrogator

The operation of the VATS Interrogator machine is simple and effective. First, a working metal key is made for the vehicle. Then, the key can be inserted into the V.A.T.S probe.The indicator is then dialed to the first number and attempt to start the vehicle. If it does not start, the probe is removed from the ignition and a wait time of 4 minutes is initiated. This is repeated for each number until the vehicle starts. The VATS number can be recorded and the proper key cut.

GM VATS Interrogator

For more on the VATS Interrogator, read our article here.

Additional Locksmith Tools

Aside from these VATS specialty tools, a steering wheel puller and  a GM 6 cut decoder are also valuable tools that will aid in the process of VATS key creation. For all of these tools and more, visit today.

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