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The HD In Ilco Key Machines

So what puts the "HD" in the newest Ilco Key Machines?

Everyone can see there is an obvious color change to the new Ilco HD key machines, but is there anything beyond cosmetic changes? In fact, there is! Ilco has made a number of technical changes to the HD key machines to ensure better operation and usage. ilco hd key machine

Technical Changes to the Ilco HD Key Machines

The new HD series models have gone to a ball bearing cutter spindle drive system to ensure smoother operation. The Super Jaw 3 vise jaws have incorporated a bushing that keeps the clamps straight as they tighten onto the key blank, and offer superior clamping capabilities on modern automotive keys. It also features hardened carriage shafts that are resistant to wear and have a longer life span. Other carriage shafts can burr and wear more easily, creating friction. The Ilco HD key machines have titanium nitride coated cutters. The titanium nitride coating creates an ultra hard “wear buffer” surface between the cutter’s tool steel teeth and the key blanks being cut. The titanium nitride coating allows a greater service life compared to non-coated cutters. These cutters are not as fragile or easily damaged as cutters produced from other metals such as carbide. The 040 HD automatic and 044 HD semi-automatic feature a faster spindle speed than the original versions. Ilco claims that these changes together will provide an increase in long term service life, accuracy, and ease of operation.

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