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A Guide to Lock Pick Sets

A Guide to Lock Pick Sets

Due in part to its wealth of practical applications, lock picking is an art form that appeals to a variety of people. Despite the fact that it is practiced recreationally, having the ability to pick a lock can be a lifesaver in certain situations. Picking a lock allows you to gain entrance to a vehicle, building, or room, without having to break the lock itself, but in order for you to do this properly, you will need to have the right locksmith equipment. Here is some basic information that will help you better understand lock pick sets.

Types of Picks

If you wish to amass a collection of high-quality locksmith supplies, you will need to have at least one lock pick set. There are many types of sets to choose from, but you should always remember to choose a set that has several types of picks. Some of the most common types of picks are listed below.

  • Diamond Picks – These picks have a ramp-like tip and a flat bottom.
  • Hooks – Characterized by an upwardly bent, rounded tip, hooks are mainly used on pin-tumblers.
  • Double Ball Picks – Sporting a snowman-like shape, these picks are perfect for two-directional wafer locks.
  • Rake Picks – Rake picks use a back and forth motion to open locks.

No matter what type of pick you plan to use, you should always remove any broken keys before you proceed to pick a lock.

Tips for Buying Sets

As mentioned above, there is a multitude of sets to choose from. This can be a bit overwhelming at first, but there are certain actions you can take to increase your chances of finding the right set.

  • Purchase multiple sets, especially if you plant to collect an array of professional locksmith tools.
  • Search for the narrowest picks possible. The narrower the pick, the easy it will be to move inside of a lock.
  • Invest in durable, high-quality supplies.
  • If you are just beginning to practice lock picking, choose an economical set. As you become more skilled, you can purchase more expensive and complex tools.

Following these rules will allow you to find the right set based on your level of expertise and knowledge. If you are a novice, purchasing cheaper tools will allow you to practice your craft without having to worry about breaking or losing them. 

Common Mistakes

As with any trade, you will inevitably make mistakes, especially in your early stages of learning. Many of these mistakes are easy to avoid if you just take the time to properly pick a lock. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that first-time lock pickers are prone to making.

  • Using the wrong tool
  • Manipulating the wrong tension point
  • Applying too much or too little pressure
  • Forgetting to push pins upwards
  • Becoming impatient

All of these issues can jeopardize your efforts to pick a lock. Remain calm and remember that it will take time to perfect your approach.  

Finding the Right Key Extractor

A key extractor can be immensely helpful in many situations. This unique tool will allow you to successfully extract broken keys from locks. Broken keys can thwart your picking efforts, and many people accidentally break the lock when trying to remove broken keys without an extractor. Select durable extracting tools that will not bend during applications.

Become a Successful Locksmith

CLK Supplies has everything you need to become a successful locksmith. We have lock picking sets at all price points, and we can help you find the right one depending on your individual needs. With the right set, you will be able to pick virtually any lock.

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