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Our 5 Favorite Rekeying & Pinning Tools

At CLK Supplies, we know locks. Our rekeying kits are designed for the most popular brands in the industry, including Schlage, Kwikset, Master-American and Weiser. After years of working with hundreds of applications and products, here are our top five favorite rekeying and pinning tools.

1. Rytan Compact Plug Spinner

Being a locksmith requires constant travel, but you’ve still got to bring the right tools for the job. We like tools that are compact, yet still do the job. The American-made Rytan Plug Spinner is the perfect lock pick to take along. It’s light, small and easy to activate. Plus, it still turns the cylinder in both directions as needed. What we like about it is the button activation feature. You don’t have to bother with the traditional lock-and-release design. It’s a smaller version of Rytan’s original spinner, but this one can fit right in your front pocket.

2. Cutaway Practice Lock With Standard Pins

When you’re on site with clients, it’s important to be as efficient as possible. Practice makes perfect. Would you perform surgery without knowing where to cut? Not only does practice help you become faster at your job, but it also saves you from making costly mistakes. This cutaway practice cylinder is an excellent visual aid, and the SC1 keyway works just like a regular cylinder. The only difference is how the cylinders are milled. The pins are exposed but still fully intact. The small opening does not affect the function of the cylinder, but it does let you see exactly what’s going on inside. You can practice lock pinning, master keying, picking and shimming as many times as you want.

3. A-1 Tubular Lock Saw

We really like this one, but only if it’s used correctly. The A-1 Tubular Lock Saw is incredibly durable. You get a precise shoulder cut just above the pins, so you can easily remove them and open the lock. It also works with ball-bearing locks by going in the key way. However, the A-1 saw does not work on hardened lock mechanisms, so you’ll want to use a file check before you start to drill. You can’t work with dead pins, so be sure to thoroughly inspect the stack before you try to decode.

4. The Diskbuster

This is a handy padlock tool to have in your toolbox, even in your pinning kits. The LT605 Diskbuster is a simple vice clamp, but it makes your drilling much more precise. It works for most disk and circular padlocks, and it automatically centers your drill line for you. Not only do you get the job done more quickly, but you also avoid drilling into your hand when in you’re rushing to finish a job.

5. Lock Saver Aerosol Can

Our last featured tool is a fully synthetic lock lubricant that definitely outperforms most other brands. In fact, Lock Saver is actually a preferred lubricant in Canada and many northern states with extreme winter temperatures. It doesn’t freeze or gum up like other products. It’s rated for -65 degrees Fahrenheit and can even withstand temperatures in excess of 450. The non-hazardous solution has been military-tested and it’s currently being used in hospitals, schools and public facilities all over North America. It protects against heat, cold, corrosion, humidity, and saltwater. Plus, the semi-dry barrier is almost completely invisible, and it won’t leak out and create a sticky mess on your jobsite. As a bonus, it’s environmentally friendly. We carry Lock Saver aerosol in both 12.65-ounce and 6.1-ounce cans.

Every job is different, but it’s important to be prepared with the right equipment. These are just a few tools to include in any universal pinning kit.
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