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Our 5 Favorite Key Machines

Our 5 Favorite Key Machines

 The key machine is an essential piece of equipment for a locksmith or key cutter. Whether you are a business owner yourself or you perform key cutting services for the company or organization you work for, the proper machine makes all the difference. At CLK Supplies, we offer models that range from a basic, manually operated key machine to a mobile option such as the Ilco Mini-Mite to any one of several technologically sophisticated products. Among the key machines that we find are most popular with customers, here are five that stand out.

 JMA Ecco Manual Key Machine

This 38-pound model with its machined two-faced jaws is ideal for the job of duplicating standard cylinder and vehicle keys. It features micro-metric adjustment capabilities, a protection screen, and it runs on 110V.

 Ilco 008B Mini-Mite Key Machine

This popular, lightweight and easy-to-operate machine is a great mobile choice. At a mere nine pounds, you can easily carry the Ilco Mini-Mite from job to job. In addition, this versatile key machine is perfect for small spaces. Given its compact size of 8-inches wide by 5.25-inches deep by 4-inches high, it takes up very little room on your counter or desk. The wide spacing between the vise jaws is designed to accommodate longer automotive key blades as well as large bow keys. In fact, you can clamp and index a number of different keys, including the double-sided types, without the need for adapters. Accessory packs are also available, which will allow you to work with flat steel keys, safe deposit keys and more.

 Jet 9020 Semi-Automatic Key Machine

 Here is a 27-pound, economically priced key machine that has been completely updated. This semi-automatic model has four-way jaws that accommodate most vehicle, house and padlock keys. The Jet 9020 has a belt-driven cutter positioned on a small but durable platform. The enclosed motor and brush housing make for quiet operation, and at a base size of 12-inches wide by 13-inches deep by 10-inches high, this machine can fit into tight spaces.

 Futura by Kaba Ilco

 Looking for an electronic machine that can provide precision cutting for a number of different key styles? The Futura may be just what you need. This key machine that features advanced technology meets the industry’s highest standards. You can depend on this well-engineered piece of equipment for its laser, edge-cut and dimple-cut capabilities. Accessories are also available for cutting other specialized keys, including Tibbe and tubular styles.

The Futura’s ultra-modern design includes a removable 10-inch touch-screen tablet with key cutting instructions and prompts that can be positioned either on the machine’s hood or on your counter. Wi-Fi communication links tablet, machine and computer. This product offers automatic calibration, a high-speed steel milling cutter and a four-position clamp that enables you to work on a variety of key types.

 Bianchi Keyline B106 Semi-Automatic Key Machine

 Last but certainly not least among our favorites is the Bianchi 106 Semi-Automatic. Here you have a heavy-duty duplicator with several upgrades, including a built-in chip tray and a jaw-locking mechanism designed to prevent an accidental carriage release. Other features include the following:


  • 80 mm, high-speed steel cutter
  • Micro-switch activation with spring-loaded carriage
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Four-way reversible jaws for many kinds of keys, including double-sided versions
  • Cast iron body that greatly reduces noise and vibration
  • Transparent cutter shield
  • Overhead light with drop-down magnifying glass


Offering the Best Selection

 Not everyone has the same requirements. That’s why CLK Supplies stocks the best selection in locksmith supplies and equipment as evidenced by our five favorites. Whether you need the portability of the Ilco Mini-Mite or are considering the latest in high-tech products, we’re here to help you choose the perfect key machine for the job.

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