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Essential Locksmith Tools You Need for Your Business

5 Locksmith Tools that are Essential for Your Business

 Though Hollywood would have us believe that a credit card and a hairpin are all that individuals will ever need to open a lock without a key, those who make their living as a locksmith know the truth. Proper locksmith supplies are essential to make sure that each and every job is done properly, and without causing unnecessary damage. The following 5 tools are essential for professional locksmiths.

1.      Tension Tools

The proper tension tool can make all the difference for a locksmith. Because the pins inside of a lock are tiny, and placed with extreme precision, it is imperative that a locksmith be able to hold the cylindrical part of a lock, or a plug, still while racking the pins. Most tension wrenches are shaped like the letter “L”. This type of tool is essential for locksmiths, especially those who work on pin/tumbler locks, since these locks are impossible to pick without a reliable tension tool.

2.      Key Extractors

The typical set of keys tends to go through grueling amounts of punishment. Some jangle from a waistband clip, hitting against counters, tool benches and desks. Others are tossed unceremoniously into a purse or bag only to be rolled around, bumped, and even sent flying on occasion. Though keys are most often made with sturdy metal, it is no surprise that all of the bumping, jiggling and bashing sometimes takes its toll. Individuals, however, rarely think about a key’s wellbeing until one breaks, leaving only a stump of a key and a world of confusion. This is the point at which a key extractor becomes invaluable. Most locksmiths can verify that people who have broken a key off in a lock are typically in a real hurry, and are often thrown into a frenzy wondering what they will do next. Thankfully, a key extractor, which looks like a long thin piece of metal can be the first step in retrieving the broken portion of the key from the lock.

3.      Plug Spinners

These locksmith tools have been known to save much time and aggravation, both for the person working on the lock, and for the individual who needs whatever might be on the other side of the lock. Many individuals assume that all keys in locks turn in the same direction. The truth is, however, that keys turn right or left, depending on how they were installed. Should a locksmith realize that the plug of a lock (or keyhole cylinder) has already been picked in the wrong direction, a plug spinner can be attached and rotate the plug quickly. A Rytan Plug Spinner is a great example of this type of tool and is a must-have that enables a smith to rotate a lock in either direction, freeing up the locking mechanism itself.

4.      Pick Gun

Instead of using a typical lock pick to figure out the proper line up of pins inside a lock, many locksmiths prefer to use a pick gun, or locksmith gun. After a small steel rod is put into the lock itself, this gun hits all of the locking pins at the same time, forcing them all in the same direction. This, in turn, allows the smith to turn the lock with a tension wrench. This tool is a must-have for locksmiths interested in working more quickly and accurately for their customers.

5.      Key Machines

Beyond the realm of picking locks, fishing out broken keys, and installing new lock sets, is the realm of new keys that all reliable locksmiths must be able to provide. Key machines enable a locksmith to cut proper keys efficiently. The type of machine needed certainly depends on the type of operation that is being run. One highly rated machine is the ILco 045 Performance Series Manual Operation model that is great to use in a storefront or on the go.  Many locksmiths looking for an innovative advanced machine opt for the Futura Key Machine. Some locksmiths choose to own more than one key machine so that they are able to offer a comprehensive list of services to a wide variety of customers.


By making sure that a collection includes each of these tools, locksmiths will find that they are more capable of quickly completing a customer request, leading to increased business and a happier customer base.



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