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06V Best Jaw For the Futura Series Key Machines

Going over the Best Jaw, the 06V for the Futura machine. This jaw works on the Futura NA to Futura Pro and the Futura Edge. And if you cut a lot of SFIC best keys, this jaw is going to make it quick and easy to cut the keys.

Here's why. When the top jaw is pulled, you can see that the bottom jaw has a built-in tip stop for Best keys. So, when you slide the key in, it's going to stop right there—making it pleasant and convenient to cut keys. Also, due to the width configuration, it's going to allow you to grip a lot of keys without turning them sideways or get a slight offset.


Historically for cutting the best keys, people like to only cut them on a punch machine due to accuracy issues. Still, using this jaw, any of the Futura machines can easily handle cutting the best keys.

Note: It's crucial that when you buy this jaw, make sure you update your Futura to the most recent update. That's because you have to make sure that when cutting the best key on the machine, you're using the proper card.


To cut a BE2 key, type 1A1A1 since it is the same as the A keyway, then hit SEARCH. Below is the result that will pop up, but select CARD before that on the upper right side corner. By doing this, you can see that even though 7787 System A2 is the best system, it has the 01Vclamp, the standard clamp, not the clamp that we are using.


Since we've got the wrong clamp, we will proceed to check other options, the 9382 System A. If it has the 06Vclamp, hit the CARD (green button) below.


Time to put the cuts, 2-2-3-4-1-4-7, then hit CONFIRM.


Before pressing CUT, set up the best jaw first. Unscrew the knob, grab the two pieces, and set them aside.


Pull the jaw that you are going to replace, the take the spring out of it.


Grab the 06V and put the spring in between.


Take it back on, including the two-piece and screw.


What's left to do is to insert the key and push it until it stops due to the built-in back jaw, then tighten it down. Go to the screen and hit CUT.

When the green light is on, take the key and test it on a cylinder.


That's the 06V jaw. If you have a Futura machine and you cut a lot of the best keys, this jaw will save you a lot of time and money. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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