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How to Use the Rytan RY57 Plug Spinner

The RY57 Plug Spinner by Rytan has been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, on the instructions, it says that they've sold over 40,000 of these. My favorite part about this plug spinner is that you can buy replacement blades. They come in a pack of five, and they look just like the image below. The whole plug spinner uses spring steel for plug spinner, and it's easy to replace. You have to loosen the Allen near the blade, and it's going to come off and put a new one in and then a disc replacement. But if used correctly, the plug spinner with just the piece that comes with it will last for a long time.


Once you have the lock turned over, sometimes Murphy's Law comes into effect, and you need to flip plug the other way to open the lock; that's where a plug spinner comes in.


To turn the plug in the opposite direction, right to left or clockwise, we're going to want to turn the plug spinner counterclockwise or left to right. Once it is turned, push it in. You'll notice that the bottom part pops out. It will serve as a button.


Insert it into the plug, use the Allen on the red part as an alignment guide to help us get the plug pretty close to the shear line, straight up and down where the Bible is on the lock. Push the button at the bottom part.


As you can see, the plug is now flipped over. Now we can open the lock and get in the door.


That's the RY57 plug spinner by Rytan. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.


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