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How To Cut Lexus 80k Emergency Keys | Video

Today we will be talking about how to cut a Lexus 80k emergency key on the Futura Auto. We get a lot of questions about these Lexus emergency keys, primarily because they are very thin in comparison to other kinds of emergency keys out on the market. Sometimes, you may have to use a different kind of cutter or shim, so there are always a lot of concerns people have. 

We’re going to cut this key on the Futura Auto, which is the same as if you were to cut on the Futura Pro or Futura One. The process remains the same. 

How To Cut Lexus 80k Emergency Keys

On the Futura device, start by searching for your Lexus vehicle. Next, to cut the key click the 06LW option. You’re also going to need a Toyota/Lexus wallet key Part #4 adapter. Make sure you have the right cutter in the Futura device as well, which should be the Zero 6LW cutter.

Fit the adapter into the slot in your Futura cutting device, and then place your emergency key over the adapter. Tighten the device if you have to so the adapter and emergency key fit nice and snug in the slot.

Close the shield and then hit start. You will notice the machine calibrate everything by figuring out the depth and each side of the key.

Allow the machine to work on its own, and once it’s done open up the shield and take a look at the emergency key. Tap the key a few times against a hard surface to get rid of the shavings, and then the process should be complete.

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