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USA Padlocks | Move Over Master Padlock, There Is A New Padlock In Town!

USA Padlocks | Move Over Master Padlock, There Is A New Padlock In Town!

Unlock some knowledge to the new Lock Voy Freedom Series line of padlocks. I'll teach you how to do it, step by step. For the coming weeks, the various versions that cover the M1 or AN3 re-keyable padlocks. Padlocks with key and knob cylinders, as well as SFIC padlocks. I'll explain how to use them and how to remove the shackles. But today, I'll give you a sneak peek and a short rundown of what you should expect in the future.

 Lock Voy Freedom Series Pad Lock


On the back, you're going to see the Allen. What we're going to do is loosen it up using the Allen wrench. Set aside the wrench and screw. Now, you're going to pull the shackle up. To change it, we're going to is put the key in and turn it. Insert the shackle. Push the shackle down a little to make sure we have the right clearance, and we start screwing it back in. Get that tightened. Lock it and unlock it out. It's that simple to change the shackle.

 Changing the shackle size on the 9AR padlock

These locks are made with aircraft grade aluminum. Made in the USA with some global components, and they are bypass in shim crew. They're, in my opinion, everything that you've been looking for in an American-made padlock.

Check out the links to all of the available Freedom Series padlocks. I look forward to taking you step by step in the coming weeks to use them. Thank you, and I will see you next time!


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