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Unboxing & Review: The Essential Roll Pins & Screws Set for Remote Refurbishing

If you've ever worked with automotive keys or any type of keys at all, you've likely encountered a common issue: the mystery of the disappearing roll pin. You may find yourself asking, "Where did that darn roll pin go?" as you take a blade out of a flip key.

Now, you can either spend an unreasonable amount of time hunting down a rogue roll pin that may have vanished into thin air, or you could have an assortment of replacement roll pins and screws on hand. This is where the Replacement Roll Pin and Screw Assortment comes into play, a kit that could be a real game-changer for locksmiths.

Why this kit is a must-have for locksmiths

The Replacement Roll Pin and Screw Assortment is an invaluable addition to any locksmith's toolbox due to a number of reasons:

  • It includes seven of the most common sizes of roll pins typically found in flip-type keys.
  • It features little screws commonly found on Honda, Lexus, and Toyota remote keys.
  • It's organized and lists the sizes, making it easy to identify and pick the right one for your job.

How to use the roll pin and screw assortment

Let's take the GM Flip Key as an example. Let's say you've removed the old blade, and the roll pin has taken flight. You have a new key blade and a roll pin that needs to go in.

You might literally have to pick and find a roll pin that fits into the hole. To do this, you can:

  1. Place the new key blade into the flip key.
  2. Put the roll pin into place. A useful tip is to take the very tip of one of the sides with pliers and crimp it down slightly. This can help stabilize it.
  3. Use a Flip Key pin removal tool (or similar tool) to press the roll pin into place. Ensure that it's secured on both sides.

It's simple, quick, and you avoid the frustration of searching for a lost roll pin.


Instead of spending precious time looking for a dropped pin, this cost-effective roll pin and screw kit is a handy solution for every professional locksmith. You can check out the Replacement Roll Pin and Screw Assortment [here], along with the Flip Key Pin Removal Tool [here].

See you next time, and may you never lose a roll pin again!

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