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Trivia: What Locksmith Tool is this?

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Last Friday, we did a Halloween Costume Contest, and Lily (or should say Medusa) won this year. So, congrats to Lily and thanks to all of you who participated.


"Some goodies from CLKsupplies. Thanks to PJ and all the wonderful people at CLK supplies for their generosity!!" - Tumblers Fall Lock Sport

It's awesome to see you like your prize! Thanks so much for sending this pic to us. You can also see the CLK pinning mat on that picture, which isn’t available yet. It’s going to take a bit more time.


Thanks so much for sending this awesome picture of your order to us! What a haul! This photo was sent in by Texas Fire at American Key Service. I'm excited for you to start putting those to work, help your customers, and of course, making some money.


I mean, think about that. Why every time around Halloween, we start having lights flickering, and the warehouse and the studio start getting creepy? The common denominator is I wasn't in any of them. If you don't what I’m talking about, check out our Halloween video. It's fun for us, especially our marketing team. They have a lot of fun creating some videos that are a little different. And I think it's their way of compensating for the technical videos that I like to do, right? But the cool part is coming up here we're getting ready to shoot our Black Friday and the Cyber Monday video. These are going to be awesome. Probably the best one we've done, I guess. At the same time, I'm already starting to work on our Christmas video. So, I'm excited to share all of those with you here soon.


Let’s do this trivia. As you know, I like to play around. Sometimes I'm going to give you multiple choices, a question in the text, or a picture and ask what it is. This time, I'm going to show you a picture and ask you what it is. I’ve got five questions, so let’s see who the real LockBosses are!




ANSWER: This one's made by Gator tools, and it's a Face Cap Pliers. It’s use for removing the face caps. For example, you have to get a lot of the automotive cylinders, especially the kind of the older ones, older Ford or GM, that sort of thing. You have to take off the face cap to get the cylinder out to repair or rekey. The thing is if you were to use a normal pliers, you would completely ruin the face cap, which is not good unless you have more face caps in stock. This tool allows you to remove it without damage, and then, put the face cap back on. You can reuse the OEM one, so that's pretty cool.



ANSWER: What you're looking at is a Lock Knob Puller. This is a plastic one that has a gluten piece of sandpaper on the bottom left. The thought with a tool like is, ‘As you wedge the door open, reach this down. Grab on to that button that sits typically on the far left of the door right by the jam, and that sandpaper allows you to grip onto it. Pull it up and unlock it.’ There's a whole bunch of different ones. I've even seen some cool homemade ones.


ANSWER: It's a steering wheel puller. One of the most common reasons a locksmith would use this tool would be to work on, for example, GM6 cut locks. Take the steering wheel off to the point where you can get to the lock. There'll be a little screw that holds the lock in place that you have to remove to get it out and replace it. If you a locksmith being trained in the 80s, 90s, or even early 2000s, depending on your level of experience, this marked down 15 to 45 minutes to get, plop it out, and do all that kind of fun stuff.


ANSWER: Master Padlock has a series of locks that are called “UP.” Essentially, they allow you to rekey or set a key to them. The tool in the picture is made by Major. If you have a Master 1 Up Padlock, and a customer asks for another padlock that will fit to the key he/she has. What you're going to do is to put the key that the customer has into the lock, take this tool, set the tool over the padlock and then, hammer it. Essentially, it allows you to set an existing key to that padlock. I've done a decent amount of them myself and for the most part, they seem to work pretty.


ANSWER: This is for the Schlage, the SC keyway for Almont Padlocks. Although, Almont does not exist anymore, their padlocks still do. If you find yourself running across some, this is the tool that you're going to need.

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