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The Lock Straw: Why It's More Convenient | Video

The Lock Straw: Why It's More Convenient | Video


Whether you’ve thought about it before or not, using a standard spray to clean or lubricate a lock is not the most efficient method to do so. Standard spray straws are directed at the back of the lock while the lock straw eliminates waste and directs the cleaner or lubricant where it is needed the most: on the wafers and wafer chambers.

In order to use the Lock Straw, remove the standard straw and replace it with the lock straw. Make sure that the yellow lines are located in such a way that the lubricant or cleaner goes to the upper part and the bottom of the lock. If you spray, you’ll see the liquid coming out up and down without staining the sides.

This means that when you use the spray on the lock, you get the results you need: clean and/or lubricated wafers and wafer chambers.

The lock straw is a great tool if you work regularly on any lock that would benefit from being on the spray vertically instead of horizontally.

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