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Locksmith Trivia (Round 4)

Lockbosses, open up a bottle of Topo Chico because it is an interesting week with the posts of the week, comment of the week, and the Locksmith Trivia: Round 4.



That's a good one. I mean, is that some sort of backpack or something? Weird quality image, but very funny at the same time.

A lot of questions have been asked, ‘There are like 80 leashes out there and you can only hold a few in the Lockpick Lodge.’ To answer that, the Lockpick Lodge is set up to hold your normal old school style picks and then your lishis. KW1, SC1, or M1, the pin tumbler style ones that you would. Some jobs might need you to use your normal picks, or at the same time some of those you might be able to use your Lishi, so it's kind of a two-in-one plus the plug spinner.


This was sent into us by Gkeyman565. Gkeyman565, thanks for sending that Lockboss forever tank and koozie.


"Who says you need to have a van? (even Tho it helps) Here is my new setup because big Van died." -Richard S

Anyone else have a similar DIY van? Because we do know the LockFather sure does. I tell you what, Richard, thanks for sending that in. You know, that just really goes to show that there's pretty much two ways we can do things. Right? I mean, there's how we want to have stuff set up, what we hope and want, and then there's also just reality. And sometimes we just have to live in the reality of another mundane getting stuff set up to work at and I think that's absolutely awesome. It looks really cool. You got pinning kits at top, a flash mobile underneath it, and then some drawers to pull out for something. I think that's really cool and way to be innovative to figure out how to use what you have to work and get it done. I really do like that. Thanks for sending that in.



I really enjoyed everybody's comments on that video. So if you're not familiar, it's the one where I talk about camlocks and how you can easily adjust with a few little basic modifications. You can essentially make any key work in it, right? Now, of course, there's the good and bad of that, but like I said, ‘There's a perfect situation and then there's our reality situation.’ And although we all like when those are a nice single lane highway for us, but a lot of times, it's not. So that's a good solution. And by the way, that tip is actually brought to you by the LockFather. So that's a LockFather tip that he's been using for years. And Dad, I hope you're cool with me sharing that.


In the past, I've tried to make the trivia for different sectors like automotive or residential. This is round four, let's do a good mix of everything and see what you know. Now, a lot of these questions are multiple choice and they're a little trickier than my normal one. Here we go Locksmith Trivia: Round 4.



The answer is C. Maximum Adjacent Cut Specification. Some of you answered beyond that. Totally fine. I tried to mix it up a little bit to be a little confusing.



The answer to this question is both. It is because six-pin and seven-pin Best keys are the exact same key; exact same length. That was a trick question. So unlike a lot of different keys out there, Best have the same key for six and seven pin.


The answer to question number three is C. Toyota. A lot of times, seeing the Y in there automatically let you know it's a Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep. This one has some exceptions and the Y165 is interchangeable with the Mitsubishi MIT13 and the vehicle make that it doesn't work with is C. Toyota. So if you’ve guessed C. Toyota, you’re right.



The answer is D. Star Connector. For far too long, any of us who have programmed keys, we had it good. All we had to do is hook up into the OBD2 port and if you have the pin, that's a whole another story. But, with the aftermarket machines that do bypass the pin, you have to connect to the star connector. You just have to find it and connect to it.


In this particular case, with this cable, this is the advanced diagnostics cable for the SmartPro. One end is going to hook into the machine, and then the other end hooks to the OBD. You can’t hook it up to the OBD2. How that kind of works? You have to have power on your machine and so if you can hook it up to the OBD2 to get power, but you're going to be using the star connector to program that vehicle by-passing the pin. Most of the time you don't connect it to the OBD2, you just have that you have that cable connected to your machine and you just use the battery on the smart Pro or whatever machine you're using. The AutoProPad or what it might be to do that.


Absolutely! I've been meaning to do a little tip video on that because I think the biggest mistake when you're using it is that when you have a lot of connectors, you snap them together making them hard to pull apart. With the Start connector, you want to break that little part there. So when you plug it in, and then you just have to unplug it. It's just easy, you are not creating extra problems.



The correct answer is B. the .030 Universal Master Pin. As a matter of fact, a lot of people actually prefer using that .030 or even the .033 Universal Master Pin instead of the best caps. And I think the reason is because on the universal master pins, the edges have a little bezel on them, and they just make them sit. Just absolutely beautifully.


Yep, using the universal pins is kind of a more and more popular thing. I a video on it. I had to put wiper blade metal on there because I tell you what, you know how many people I have talked to? They use the wiper blade, that little metal strip that goes in there, for all sorts of crazy things. So I don't know; maybe you have some sort of stamping jig? You could probably use that. Of course the Falcon cap strips would be used if it was the cap top.

That concludes the trivia questions this week. How many right answers did you get? Let us know if you prefer harder or trickier questions. Thanks, and we’ll see you next time!

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