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Let's Talk about the Triton Plus with Tyler from Lock Labs

Let's Talk about the Triton Plus with Tyler from Lock Labs

Almost in the middle of June but it feels like December here in Idaho. Open up a bottle of Topo Chico and let’s go through the posts of the week, comment of the week, and an interview with Tyler from Lock Labs.



Look at all those little emblems on the back of that car, it will take a little bit of work to get all those back there. So that's pretty good, Leo from Lock Mechanic Locksmith. Thanks for sending that in, that is funny stuff.

' I just received my order containing the ultimate pinning matt and I can't wait to use it below is a picture' – Tyler N. Good stuff; looks like he got some Schlage bottom pins. Good stuff. Thanks for the order, Taylor N.

Evil Arch Conservative and Polar Bear sent some gifts to the lock father. So he got a couple of those lollipops, and one of the locksmith like Matchbox car thing. He was pretty excited to open it and check it out.



We got comment of the week from Julio. Julio, that's a great question and we actually have Tyler from Lock Labs. And so we'll kind of talk to you about that question a little bit and kind of see what he has to say.


Tyler: How's it going, everyone? I'm Tyler from lock labs.

PJ: Yeah, Tyler. Hey, thanks for taking the time to join us today. And I'm excited to kind of hear what you have to say about the Triton plus machine.

Tyler: Gotcha. So you just want me to jump straight in to the differences on that between the plus and the original machine?

PJ: Yes, yeah. So you know, kind of start off so a lot of people have commented and they're really curious about the differences between their Triton machine and the Triton plus, and ever really everything that kind of goes along those two. And so I figured it'd be more fun than just, you know, typing it up, but to have you on and kind of answer it. So if you can't take us through the main differences between the Triton and the Triton plus.

Tyler: Got you. So the main differences between the Triton and the Triton plus is actually going to be an internal component in the machine. So you have - on the Triton plus, you now have a direct drive motor instead of a belt driven motor, and it has an appropriate control board. And basically what that means is the internal components of the machine are going to be a lot more durable, and they're going to last longer, it's going to allow for more accurate and precise cutting piece. And where this really makes a difference is for specific keys with high tolerances such as IC portkeys. Previously, we were having issues cutting, and with the new Triton plus all those issues. It adds the ability to cut the new Honda stainless steel keys, as well, which is pretty big. As far as I'm aware, the only other people that are currently cutting on the stainless steel keys are the key line with the Gymkana 994. And it requires like a separate purchase, a jaw and a cutter, and I believe it's around $900 to add that ability, while the Triton plus is actually technically doing it straight out of the box. There, it does do it a little bit better with the SQ jaw, which is an optional jaw. For the Triton it has the option of doing it either with the S1 or the S2 jaw but we found the S2 jaw works a lot better in that jobs will leave. No separate cutters necessary. You just have the default. Other than that, the new Triton plus is allowing us to use our new flip key creation job. And I don't know if you'd mentioned it in your video, but basically what that is, is, it's a job that allows you to take a standard mechanical blank, it'll basically cut the head off of the mechanical blank, and creates a flip key replacement or OEM flip keys. So that way, if you're stuck in the field, you don't have any replacement plates in this cutter key, you can just create one from scratch there using the Triton Plus. And it stopped. Yeah, so it sounds to me and from stocking those as well. And some of those OEM replacement liquids can be a little bit expensive. So that's really nice. And those are the major differences as of right now. But yeah, those internal components are going to be allow for more accurate cutting keys as well.

PJ: Okay, so, as far as like the motor goes between the belt driven and the direct drive, like, that's really an upgrade to really get the performance that you're looking for when it comes to the really tight tolerance keys.

Tyler: Right.

PJ: Okay. And now let's talk about the software on the Triton Plus. We have had a few questions about it, is it? How similar is it to the standard training software on the normal?

Tyler: It's pretty much exactly the same. Like I said, the main differences between the Triton and the Triton plus are going to be the internal components. And you're going to have the ability to cut like the EES Honda stainless steel keys. Kind of the major differences in this FlipKey creation. So it adds those two features in there. But software wise, it's going to look awesome.

PJ: Okay. And you know, you know, a question will also be when it comes with the software itself, if someone has a Triton machine and not the Triton Plus, they're still going to have to get updates and that sort of thing?

Tyler: Correct, we're still going to be supporting the original Triton as far as whatever it can do. But we found that the original Trident isn't able to do those on stainless steel keys, and it did have issues with this as well. But we're still going to be supporting the original Triton; we're not dropping the support. We still do all the repairs in bulk applause. Right and we're going to still be doing tech support and releasing updates.

PJ: Okay, good stuff. Now when it comes to actually the repair of a Triton machine. So, of course you guys are located here in the USA. And when someone has a problem that can't be fixed, when it comes to, you know, a tech support type of issue over the phone, they're able to send that machine in and get it repaired. Is that correct?

Tyler: Yeah, we have - I can't remember that website. Hey, there, it's oh, We have a website for machine repairs. So that way, if you're within the warranty, you can go to that website and give us a call and have it sent then you would pay to ship it out to us. But I believe we do the repair if it's within warranty. It will be completely free. And then I believe we do pay for going back out. I'm not 100% sure about that. But if it's not within warranty, we will quote you and how much the repair is going to be before we send it.

PJ: Okay. And now as far as like, I know, it's depending but in general, what type of turnaround time do the Triton plus machines have? I know it can vary based on you know, the part or availability right now. But in general, are we talking days? Or are we talking weeks or months?

Tyler: It's definitely not months, it's usually within one to two weeks. Once we receive the machine, it will be backed out sometimes within days, depending on how flooded our repair department is. Sometimes within a couple of days, but I think on average you're looking at the longest before we want to see machine one or two weeks.

PJ: Okay.

Tyler: All right. Cool. I think compared to most warranty repair centers, it's fairly fast.

PJ: Yeah, absolutely. All right, here, I'm going to read a question that we have coming in, so we just answered one of them. That's from locksny. And yes, hey, I do - locksny, I do see your comments on the engraving, and I'm going to be coming out with a video 'Engraving just for you.' Okay, so that'll be coming up here soon. So, Tyler, next question is can it cut flat steel keys?

Tyler: That, I mean, fortunately, I'm not too sure about that question. But if you can drop my email in the chat, whoever asked that, if you want to send me an email, it's just Shoot me an email and I will get an answer for you.

PJ: Absolutely, as in a look, when it gets loaded, I'll look on there really quick. I'm pretty certain it would be able to especially I get like a duplication thing like tracing it, I think that would probably be pretty possible. I'm going to look on the menu here when it loads.

Tyler: To have a deep cut option, I just I'm not sure what the specs on the plans are. So I don't want to say it. It does it for sure and then you're wrong. So I know it's possible, but if anyone else is interested in knowing that answer just you know, I'll get that.

PJ: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I think, yeah, Gordon sent me an email, but I'm pretty certain on the trace and options single sided, it would be able to do that. But okay, Tyler, I got another question for you. So will there be any upgrade programs?

Tyler: Ah, I would - I haven't been informed about anything like that. So as far as I'm aware, No, there's not going to be any upgrade programs between the Triton and the Triton plus. Most likely the answer is 'No,' but I can't say for certain whether there will be but I would say there's probably an 80% possibility that answer is No.

PJ: Okay. Yeah. And so you know, the interesting part about that, which I think like they're kind of the root of the question is that unlike some of the other key machine manufacturers out there, when someone buys a Triton plus machine, whether it's the commercial or auto or the ultimate, you're giving them all of the software on the machine, right? It comes standard with it. You don't have it tear down based on what model they get; they actually get all of the software.

Tyler: Yes, correct. So it basically every Triton Software wise is going to be the same. The difference between the different packages are going to be basically the cutters and accessories.

PJ: Yeah, so I think that's a you know, it's interesting part like because we're so used to manufacturers paring that back. The fact that Triton is just giving you that software on there and not making you pay extra something special or you know, all of that kind of game behind the scenes, it's really, it's a really great feature for the Triton plus, which is really cool because it allows somebody, if they can't afford or don't have a reason to get the ultimate, right now, they can get one of the lower cost packages, and then they can continue to buy the jaws, by the tracers, the cutters as their business needs, right. And so it allows you to scale with the business, which is really cool.

Tyler: Yep.

PJ: So let me let me go ahead here got more questions here. Let's see. This is, is there a way for end user to replace the screen if it gets damaged?

Tyler: Way for the end user to do it. I mean, you can go to the website, Get our warranty repair centers phone number, and call them and ask if you can purchase replacement parts for it. But if you go and try to replace parts, it's most likely going to void the warranty. So you have a major issue. Like let's say that your motors dies on the inside of the scene. And that's not something you feel comfortable replacing yourself. If you've already done a repair on the screen yourself, you've most likely waited. So while it might be possible, it's probably something that you don't want to do your own safety.

PJ: Okay, yeah. Next question. Will there be a standalone app to drive the machine?

Tyler: That I'm not sure about? I don't think there's anything in the works right now. That's something I'll have to talk to my guys about. It is definitely possible. So I just don't know, 100% that's going to be the case, I think. I think there might actually be some, I don't want to say with 100.

PJ: Sure. Yeah, totally fair. I mean, hey, these are rapid fire questions here. Right. Well, do a few more if that's okay. And then I'll let you off the hook. Next up is a question. Let's see here. Is there a battery powered versions or version that will be in the future?

Tyler: Sorry, can you repeat that one more time?

PJ: Will there ever be a battery powered version of the Triton plus?

Tyler: Ah, no, there's nothing in the works for that. I think lock lab has a battery pack and it's compatible with. So you can just charge up this battery pack, or bring it up and it cuts about 50 keys, which is pretty decent.

PJ: Oops, if you wouldn't mind telling here kind of in the middle of that your mic kind of went quiet or something on us. Could you repeat that?

Tyler: Yeah. So as lock labs, we're selling a battery pack. That's compatible with the Triton, but I don't think we're going to. We're not manufacturing and try it with a with a rechargeable battery. But we do have a separate battery pack available for purchase that will allow you to cut about 50 keys from a full charge. So if that's something that you guys are interested in, that battery pack might be what you want to look into.

PJ: Okay, you do the battery pack, and then there's also the 12-volt option as well. Right where you can plug plugged machine in?

Tyler: Well, yeah, it's a 24 volt but yes.

PJ: Cool. Let's see here. Okay, next question. How hard is it to replace the belt?

Tyler: How hard is it to replace the belt? I don't think it's that difficult. But again, if that's something that you're looking to do yourself, and you do it, you're going to void your warranty if you have one on it. I'm not, I haven't personally done any of the repairs on the Tritons. I have my guy over in the warranty repair center that takes care of that. But I don't think it's that difficult. So again, if you guys have any direct questions about doing repairs yourself, you can call the warranty repair center again, the website is They have a phone number on the website, and any like in depth questions about the actual repairs.

PJ: Very cool. Rule. Okay, last question here is, and this is easy one. So or maybe it's easy. Can someone use an electric van 12 volt?

Tyler: Electric van 12 volt. So the Triton runs off a 24-volt power adapter. I know it works with a standard inverter but Carrie said in the chat that the machine has 24 volts, but there is a 12-volt power adapter at around $75 for running machine from the cigarette lighter.

PJ: Yep, absolutely yeah. So you can? Like with the ultimate that comes with it and you can actually plug in the Triton into it, into this adapter and then you plug it into your cigarette lighter. And you can use the machine. I'm actually really excited to use that, personally when I go and do some the auto or the key programming videos. Because you know, I don't have a lock truck and so it's kind I have to go find power to get all of that stuff and I can't wait to plug that bad boy into the cigarette lighter. It's pretty cool. Well, cool, Tyler. Well, hey, thank you for coming on and hanging out. And could you give everyone your email address? One more time in case anyone has any questions?

Tyler: Sure. It's But thank you for having me, PJ. I was glad to be here.


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