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How to do Cylinder Servicing - Detailed Guide

How to do Cylinder Servicing - Detailed Guide

Cylinder Servicing - Step by Step Guide

The three main goals of this step by step guide are to teach you about disk cylinders like the cam lock style, pin tumbler cylinders and Schlage wafer locks. In all cases, we’re going to discuss the design, its parts, how to key them, common service malfunctions and a now you do it section.


This guide is part of CLK’s locksmiths professional training program but you can purchase this chapter individually. Hands-on learners will appreciate having tool kits available to practice what they’ve learned and read about in the different chapters.


The last section we give you instructions on how to login to the SOPL.US website is where you can take the test for certification. Those students getting a 70% or greater score will be granted a certificate of accomplishment.

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