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How It Works: SL-500 Key Pro Punch Button Key Box | Video

The SL-500 Key Pro Punch Button Key Box is a large sized key box that is capable of holding a large number of keys. It’s also incredibly simple to set password combinations and was intentionally designed to prevent creating scuffs or scratches on your doors.

How The SL-500 Key Pro Punch Button Key Box Works

One of the best features of the SL-500 Key Pro Punch is the durable coating around the hard plastic body of the key box and the shackle. This is important because every time you have a key box attached to a door and open and shut the door repeatedly, the last thing you want is for the key box to be scratching and inflicting marks on the door. The coating on the SL-500 prevents that.

SL-500 Key Pro Punch Button Key Box

As you will see when you pull down the front flap of the body, the SL-500 is a push button system. Both numbers and the pull alphabet are available, permitting you to use virtually any kind of password system (i.e. you could use a number sequence for the password such as ‘442’ or a word such as ‘pizza’ for example). Once the code is pushed in, the box itself will be opened up to reveal the compartment inside to hold your key(s).

Punch botton key box - SL-500

Changing the combination on the SL-500 is incredibly simple. All you need to do is open up the box, and then turn the keypad around to the backside. On the back of each button on the keypad, there are yellow triangles that face up to indicate they are turned off or facing down to indicate they are turned on.

Changing the combination on SL-500 Key Pro Punch Button Key Box

Using a screwdriver or similar tool, you can turn the triangles either up or down, and you can also turn as many or as few as you want. This means you could theoretically have a password containing as little as one digit or otherwise as many as nine. A reset button is located on the bottom of the keypad that you can press should you accidentally punch in the wrong passcode.

Getting the shackle on and off the box is also incredibly easy, as all you need to do is depress a lever on the inside of the box in order to free the shackle from the knob. You can then easily push it back into place to lock it.

Last but not least, the SL-500 has a larger than average compartment for most key boxes on the market, and can fit a higher number of keys than many other kinds of lock boxes can.

Large space inside the SL-500 Key Pro Punch Button Key Box

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