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HD106 Transponder Key- Don't Leave Customers Stranded!

HD106 Transponder Key- Don't Leave Customers Stranded!

Have confidence with the HD106 Transponder key using this information, so when on the job, you'll look like the pro you are.


Honda came out in 1996 with the HD106 Transponder Key and used it from 1996-2005. But in 1996, the popular technology used in keys was the bass keys, from ohm resistors to a transponder key.


Still, the HD106 made it in the top 10 of transponder keys in the USA today because, for almost ten years, Honda Acura vehicles used this key, and Honda was known to last long.


The chip in the HD106 key is the Megamos 13, also known as the ID13. It was a fixed code system, not an encrypted system. An encrypted system is a complicated algorithm, while fixed code technology is straightforward. The Megamos 13 system works by making the card keep asking the key the same question every time, so it's going to work as long as the key keeps answering.



When it comes to the test key, use the HD103, also known as the X214.


I recommend the JMA key shells part number TP00HOND-21.P as key shells.


And the code series is 5001-8442.


For duplicating the HD106, I'll be using the blank test key, the HD103.


Since both keys are shoulder stop keys, clamp them on the shoulder and align them to the bottom groove of the key.


Once a side is done cutting, clean the key, flip it and tighten it down.


I hope how this information is going to help you have confidence in the job getting it done. Make sure to download the free PDF in the notes about this transponder key. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you next time. 

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