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Engraving our crappy (quality) logo

When it comes to engraving keys, I recently did a content on the Triton Plus by engraving some text. It draws many requests to see the “logo feature.” So here we go.


  • Get the most high-quality image as you can; preferably one color and not blurry. I took a screenshot of the logo of CLK supplies from the website. This logo is small and has different colors and text. Things that you don't want when engraving a small logo.
  • On your USB drive, name the file or the logo as 'logoimage.' Make sure that the ‘logoimage’ has no space; it’s going to be critical when you go to the machine.

Do not set your expectations to incredibly high. This isn't a laser engraver even though it's known as a laser machine.


When we have the image we want to engrave onto the USB, stick it into the back of the machine


Next, tap “Engraving” on the screen.


I used a neuter bow key; you can see it in the machine. Hit “Measure” as if we were doing text because we need to know what type of area we're going to be working with.


Once the little pink box appears, look at the key itself to see where we want to put the logo.

Tap the logo and hit “OK.”


Drag the image to your desired position inside the pink box. Check if the engraving bit was installed. Hit “Cut.”


Here’s the closer look to the output.



That's what it looks like. Honestly, it looks right about what I was thinking. The image was small with little text “CLK supplies.” It's not bad. I'm glad I could push the limits a little bit to see so you could see exactly what to expect in the real world if you want to do an image. We didn't want to put some easy logo that would look absolutely beautiful. We want to keep it real. So, if you're going to do an image, try to make sure you have one color, make it nice and crystal clear, and make it as big as possible on the key to let the cutter get as much detail as possible.

I want to know what you think of the Triton plus when it comes to engraving tiny images. Include the #LockBoss to automatically get entered to win one of five free prizes we give away each week on YouTube. We'll see you in the comments!

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