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Clamp Adapter for Cutting Toyota Double-Sided TR47 Keys

Having trouble cutting a TR47 key because of a clamping issue? Worry no more with the Toyota TR47 clamping adapter.

These two little tiny metal pieces have a nice line or groove that works perfectly with the TR47 keyway. So if you're yourself struggling to cut a TR47 key, especially when you clamp it in, the key ends up flying out. It's because you don't have enough material right down here on this bottom groove to hold the key firm.

Clamp adapter for cutting keys

That's when these little clamp adapters make it easy. This is a widespread problem on older key machines that only have a two-way jaw. All you need to do is flip the key over and on the groove. We're going to stick the adapter. You can move it around because it's right there on the groove.

Toyota Key

That way, when you stick the key into the jaw, it's going to keep it nice and firm, and you'll be able to cut it without any problems. Do not forget to install the other adapter using the same method to the blank key before cutting.

Clamp Adapter for Cutting Double Sided Keys
how you use the TR47 cutting adapters

And that's how you use the TR47 cutting adapters. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!

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