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Catch Up with the Lockfather



PJ: We love this Scion set-up that was sent in by Larper8or. What do you think? Kind of similar to the lock father’s set up. Key machine, pinning kit, and some lockout tools underneath. They have a full-blown inverter on the left there. You see that?

Pete: I made my 12 volts per volt and run it off the battery. But yeah, that's awesome.

PJ: Yeah, that's good. That's really cool. Thanks for sending that in. John. You know, it's always good to see other setups. I mean, you know, anytime we can just get even just little ideas that just spark other ideas.

Pete: Well, that's the reason I go to the Lowe's and talk to other locksmiths because you can always learn something from somebody every time you know, set up your trucks, whatever. Absolutely. That's why I have a good gift for gab most of the time


PJ: Gkeyman. 565 got his sticker pack. We're so glad you like the stickers! Where will you be putting your #lockboss stickers? I mean, I know my water bottles are covered with those. But dad, talk to us about out of all of the stickers, what one was your favorite?

Pete: Hop back. Now there's another one if you pull them up, can you pull them up? I can't remember the bottom one.

PJ: Well, that's pretty much all of them right there. I mean, there's that. Yeah, that one's kind of missing.

Pete:  But no, they're really neat. I really like them. I'm even spotted PJ about man. I'm from my company. I need to make some like that. Yeah, no. Yeah, they're awesome. Yeah, they're cool.

PJ: Good stuff. Here we go. I mean, there must be a lot of text coming in because my phone is buzzing, or is it? Yes, nonstop here.


"Thank you clk supplies team for the knowledge you guys provide and these awesome giveaways" - Keys On Demand

PJ: Well, thank you. Thank you. Yeah, it looks pretty good there. Maybe, or maybe the mat was not included in the giveaway. Maybe just had that. But it looks like there's the Lishi on Earth. Looks like a mini-Durex kit and a pinning block. So that's very cool. Thank you very much Keys On Demand for sending that in.



PJ: Yow, thanks for sending that in. Yeah, that's good. Yeah, absolutely. You know, the real point of us doing the videos on this subject definitely isn't for views, but for hopefully, information that can help everybody. And so far between the ones we've done and the ones that we'll be playing soon, I think there's all sorts of good little nuggets you can take and put in your business.

Pete: That's, that's what it's about. You can learn from every little part of this business from other people. What to do, what not to do. What works for you doesn't necessarily work for me. But, you know, you take the good with the bad and use what you can to do your job better and safer.

PJ: Absolutely. Yeah. Well, I'm glad you like them. And of course, we'll keep having those come out. And, you know, like I've said before, any of you who are watching or listening that have some experience on this, that you find that might be helpful to others. Definitely send us an email at And let's talk and let's record it, and maybe you can also help people. So, you know, hey, we're gonna keep after it. I want to good little catalog of videos about safety, in particular, that people who are either getting into the business or don't really feel like they have a good plan, they can watch or listen and really get kind of a protocol in place.

Pete: Yeah, make their decisions.

PJ: Today, right? We all want to help just like that comment, right? We all want to help. That's what part of what being in the lock and key businesses is helping people. You want to do that. But at the same time, we also want to come home to our families. Right. So yeah, so as to keep

Pete: It's just like classes, you know. We're lower and, you know, other distributors and whatnot. You know, shops on how to do this.

PJ: Yep.

Pete: Well, hopefully, you guys, talk to your other locksmiths in the area if you have them. And you go, 'Oh, I saw how to do this. But I just didn't quite understand this one little thing. What was your take?' Because Doug, from Utah called and he asked me something last week, and I said, 'Yeah, you do it this way.' He goes, 'Yeah, I watch the video. You said it, right. That's why you do it.' But you know, it's frightening when you do the first one. Because the first six wait for initial I took apart, no problem. Putting it back together on your locking ring. There's a wide slot is what I didn't realize. I thought they were just all these little slots. It took me an hour and a half until I figured it out. So live and learn and never forget that.


PJ: Yeah, absolutely. All right. Well, I think that leads us to catch up with the lock father. Oh, where's the bottle? Where's the bottle? So okay, so my phone's going off like crazy. I'll pull it out here in a second and we'll give you some questions but fill us in. So, you went to ALOA with us. You had a good time.

PJ: Oh, yeah. All right. Hey, if we're going to be there together, might as well do a few things that are fun as well.

Pete: Fantastic time! It was nice talking to everybody and meeting new people. Some of the distributors I haven't met before. We had a great time. I mean, everybody you take there every year is fantastic because we always have a good time and do stuff. You know, when saw some shows and good dinners. I mean, everything was great. Couldn't ask for a better boss. Wine you, dine you, and have some shows. Yeah. Because not everybody can do it on their own, you know? But yeah, we always have a good time. I really enjoyed it. And I've always liked Southpoint because I'm a equestrian guy, you know, the cows and horses. So I've always liked that place. A cowboy.

PJ: A cowboy.

Pete: That's it.

PJ: Hey, it's why you call your business country.

Pete: That's it because I have a 1000-acre ranch.

PJ: Yeah. Okay. So fast forward a little bit, so you get back from the show. Next thing you know-

Pete: - Carpal tunnel surgery.

PJ: Yeah. carpal tunnel surgery.

Pete: That was before it went to the show. Well, whatever.

PJ: And then two weeks ago-

Pete: - I had shoulder replacement.

PJ: And which one is it?

Pete: This one.

PJ: This one right next to me, so I won't tap you.

Pete: Your brother-in-law did.

PJ: How did that feel?

Pete: I almost cry; wanted a bat to hit him.

PJ: So you had the surgery?

Pete: Yep.

PJ: How was the recovery?

Pete: Well, they say it takes up to a year to recover from it. I went to the doctor today and they said, 'Oh, you don't have to wear that sling anymore. I can't believe how good you can move your arm.'

PJ: Really?

Pete: Hurts like the dickens, you know. An oxycontin sure helps but I can't drive if I take that. So I haven't worked in two weeks. You know, laying in bed and think of all the stuff that needs to be done at home and at the store.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: And I bug them, 'Hey, did you guys remember to do this or that?' But you know, it's one of those things and it never fails. Whenever I'm down around, somebody quits. You know, I had one of our dispatchers leave. She was supposed to be this Friday, but she left last Friday.

PJ: Like so she gave a two week notice but -

Pete: - Lucky four days.

PJ: Four days and like -

Pete: - then today a guy called me and said, 'Yeah, I'm going to be working at a mill.' Said, 'Okay.' But you know, it's unfortunate, because you train these people. And now, I can't physically do a whole lot because I still can't move my arm good enough.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: Sort of just hangs there. But, you know, I got to look and try to get some people but I'm having the same problem as everybody else in the United States, finding people to work.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: And they want 25 bucks an hour, but they know nothing.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: So I'm willing to pay but it's a shame. It really is because now I got three trucks sitting.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: Because we bought a backup truck last November or October. Went to Boise to pick it up from J. He watches the channel.

PJ: Okay, what's up J.

Pete: And pick it up. Some stuff needs to be fixed on it. You know, like the door locks didn't work. The window crank didn't work. Electronic can't fixed all that myself. Mike was driving it to the mechanic to check over the engine; can only have 130,000 then find out there is no compression in the engine. So I had to put a new engine in it. And I just got that back today because the mechanic took it out. We sent it in. They lost it. Then they moved the rebuild plains. And they got it two weeks ago and they just got it all put back together and check today. So I wanted to pick it up or come out when at home because I don't have enough room at all the stores to park all these vans. I don't want it; it was always going to be a backup van. So one of the tariffs doesn't sit around. Yeah, but so you know, because another guy quit about four months ago and we haven't been able to replace him. So the guys are pumping away doing good, but it's tough right now because you know, I can't do anything. I can't help them. Yeah, you know, I'm hoping I can use this arm to cut some keys but...

PJ: So you're sitting at about 14 or 12 staff?

Pete: No, we still got 16.

PJ: Okay, so you still have people do the work, but it just puts extra pressure.

Pete: You know, because our area is a large area so, you know, we might go on 150 miles one way.

PJ: Yeah. So, let's deal with that. And you know, one of the things I enjoy, even though it's not -

PJ: No, it's not actually enjoying, but like the fact that like, you right now, a real lock shop with multiple stores, and you deal with multiple problems. Just like so many people who are watching, or listening right now. And I think like the cool part about it is you're in the thick of it.

Pete: Absolutely.

PJ: You're having to continually deal with new cars coming out other different stuff. And there's all sorts of stuff going on.

Pete: It was just like one of your videos this last week? That new cable for Toyota?

PJ: Yeah. Do you have those in stock?

Pete: Yeah. See, we have to get a bunch of those. It's just ongoing, trying to keep up with everything. And, you know, I treat all my employees like they're family. So it upsets me when they take off. They don't say, 'Well, I need more money.' They just, 'Out of here.' Or, you know, work something out. It upsets me because I treat them, you know, I help them out all the time.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: Financially, or, you know, like with tables and chairs for all their parties.

PJ: Good stuff. Well, hey, so we get to some questions because my phone is blowing. I mean, they're almost this whole time; I'm kind of even scared a lot. I mean, look, all these. She sent it.

Pete: Gosh.

PJ: Alright.

Pete: This isn't in our show.

PJ: Alright. She's typing more. Okay. Let's see if we can. Oh, hey, okay. We answered the first one here. ‘How is the lock fathers shoulder doing?’

Pete: Yeah, it's sore. I mean, I got to lift this hand and move it still. But they said I could take the brace off today. He told me I was going to have to have it around me three months. That's good.

PJ: Well, I mean, I knew the second he said it's like a year recovery. I'm like, 'Oh, you're thinking like two and a half months?'

Pete: Yeah. Exactly. Too busy.

PJ: Just don't go too hard.

Pete: Right.

PJ: You'll get yourself in trouble. Next question. That one was from Ken Nixon. Next one's from Bobby Kendrick says, 'What is your favorite adult beverage?'

Pete: Ah, I like Coors beer, I like strawberry margaritas, and I like Tom Collins, little vodka. I like them girly drinks but I like beer.

PJ: That's good. Okay, next from Newhouse Lock and Key. He says, 'I know the lock father said he doesn't sell Master Systems. So my question is, ‘How does he handle those situations?'

Pete: We don't. Country lock owns the master key systems. We make it for our convenience to have it. So you get the rework?

PJ: Yeah. It's like a reference material. Yeah, you it's essentially that notes, you have to help you do the job better.

Pete: Right because I used to sell them. Charge them a $100 for the system. Then they own it, but then they can call anybody they want.

PJ: Yeah. And so I think the main point that you try to make a lot is don't charge them for the Master Key System.

Pete: Right because they don't own it.

PJ: Yeah. Because if you charge them for it, well, then they then they own it. Right. But if you just use it as your reference -

Pete: - because I've had other locksmiths call and say, 'Hey, so we're doing their work. We need their master key chart.' Not going to happen.

PJ: Yeah. Next one. 'Was PJ a bad kid? Lol?'

Pete: No. He was -

PJ: - That's from locksny.

Pete: Yeah. No, he was always a good kid. You know, you never really gotten into trouble.

PJ: Yeah, not that much.

Pete: Because he knows that knock him out.

PJ: Well, I mean, we can admit I was suspended from grade school and high school. I didn't get suspended.

Pete: Yeah, but I got kicked out at every school.

PJ: Yeah, so, I mean, you got kicked out of all, I only got kicked out of two out of three. Right? We moved in the right direction. Oh, my gosh. Next is from Adrian Hawley says, 'What book are you currently reading?'

Pete: I don't read worth a darn so I don't read books. If I listen to a book, it's on tapes. But I'm too busy doing stuff, so I really don't read any books. You know, something? I'm a coin collector. So you know if something sparks me it would be pneumatic or you know, fixing something. I'll look it up and read about it. But other than that never been a reader.

PJ: Yeah. Okay, so let me ask a question a little differently. ‘What music are you playing in your car right now?’

Pete: Dang me, dang me. They ought to take a rope and hang me. High from the highest tree. Woman, would you weep for me? ~ Country. But, you know, I like country. If I'm super uptight, I put on Christian music. But I like, you know, soft rock. You know, the 60s or 70s but 99 I'm good old country boy.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: You know, I wear a hat at home all the time. I don't wear it to work.

PJ: Yeah. Next question. This if from Ken, 'Is the lock farther able to eat a hot dog with his right shoulder operation recovery?'

Pete: Not as quick. I can always put down a hot dog.

PJ: Oh, man, some of these questions. Kelly, what kind of questions are you sending me here? All right, next question from New house. 'What kind of training does the lock father provide for your employees?'

Pete: I teach them from basics up to, you know, safe work. If there's a class, I think they need to take, we pay for him to go take the airplane; pay for everything. Take the class so they can learn. But I like to go with them, so I know they're not just having fun without me. But yeah, if it's something we can't teach in house, and there's a class. I mean, I had one guy couldn't out IC cores for nothing. And I sat there and showed him the math, the 23. You know, there's no format. And I said, it's all about numbers and I'm dyslexic. So I'm using a calculator, because it doesn't always work for me either.

Pete: But then those charts you came up with are excellent. But yeah, whatever the guys need, I'll try to show him because of the experience we have. And if I don't know, one of the other guys will show how to program locks better than the locks I know because we've changed, you know.

PJ: Yeah. All right. We've got a few more questions here.

Pete: I want them to be very knowledgeable. So when the first guy goes out, they go out with a guy. When they're learning in the store than out in the truck with another guy and then you go, 'okay, go.' and they're sweating bullets going 'I don't know.' Said if you run into a problem, call us. One of us will come help you, but you got to try.

PJ: Yeah. It's from James Estep. 'How is everything going for you since all of our price increases?'

Pete: We're busier than ever. I mean, we're going to raise rekeying. Again, I don't want to but you got to pay your employees more. So I got to raise it to make more money to do that. Because the employees are, you know, your biggest expense other than your vehicles. Because remember what you're paying, you got to pay, you know, workman's comp on it. You got to pay, you know, all the taxes and that's not fun.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: Then you go, 'Man, I pay that much every month?'

PJ: Yeah. Next one, 'Is the lock father doing physical therapy on his shoulder?'

Pete: Supposed to start next week.

PJ: As is. That's a great one. 'What's your best coin?'

Pete: Well, I have $1,000 bill from 1928. I do have a little bit of currency. I have a bunch of old quarter. Morgan dollars where there were five to $800 each. Okay, and then I have a penny, 1914 D penny, in pretty good shape worth about $400. A penny, if you've got a penny you buy a gumball with it. You know?

PJ: Yeah. So what's your best coin?

Pete: Well, that's what they are. And a lot of bullion.

PJ: Let's see, here do a few more. 'What classes do you recommend for new guys? Non-automotive?'

Pete: The basic locksmithing course puts you in a little bit of everything. Shows you how to rekey, how to master key, how to troubleshoot, why mortise cylinders are turning and you know, the best schooling is you going out there trying.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: Because I went to school and they taught me a lot. But they don't teach everything.

PJ: Yeah, well, that's something I tried to my courses that I've done is to like, give the book knowledge but applying it to the real world.

Pete: Exactly.

PJ: Right. And so I'm actually excited about that question, because we only we have another course coming out soon -

Pete: - Right? But it's sort of like your cam lock thing where you told him to cut the knockout?

PJ: Oh, yeah.

Pete: Or the keyways. Well, we had to do that. I had to figure that one out. Because the guy says, 'Got to be this key.'

PJ: Yeah. Let's see here. All right, well, hey, wait, it's already 25 minutes in. Crazy. Joseph, I see your question there. 'Where can I find that IC core course?' Next month, we will have one out. How about that?

Pete: Oh, that's awesome.

PJ: We're just editing that. We're finishing up.

Pete: Double checking.

PJ: Yeah. But it's going to be a course. I mean, A to Z of SFIC along with business practices with it, pricing with it, and of course, all the knowledge you need. So stay tuned for that. I think it's a big one too. It's like 30 lessons? I think about 30.

Pete: No, it was great. Because when I first did that I was scared to death out of them. Because big old fat fingers and those little pins.

PJ: That's good. Well, that is cool to have you on. Catching up and we have to probably catch up a little more than just going to have you on live.

PJ: Yeah, you're right. Too much golfing and again. I tried calling you, 'I was golfing.' I tried calling. 'I was out golfing.' Don't have time for daddy anymore.

PJ: Oh, come on. Now. Come on, now.

Pete: You have young family.

PJ: I came and helped you this weekend though. I didn't see you. I came to help you.

Pete: You came got the hay. Pick up some big round bales, got them on the tractor and pick them out for the cow. Appreciate that.

PJ: That was the update from the lock father. Thank you, and we’ll see you next time!

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