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Access Control 😨 AVOID this Major Mistake

When installing a brand-new electronic strike or an electrified exit device, do you check and ensure that the product works before installing it? Sometimes, doing the whole system depending on the laws, the regulations, and the licenses, you can hook it up and check. But many times, many integrators have professionals go out and install the hardware and then leave without ever checking to make sure it works. But think about this, what if you're in a situation where you installed an electric strike, and you get a call that it's not working? How do you know what the real problem is? Do you have to troubleshoot it? If this makes you wonder, I got a product for you.


Check out the CAT Field Tester made by Command Access. It is a handy field device that will allow you to test the electrified device you will install. And if troubleshooting, you can take the device off the door and check if it is a problem.

 CAT Field Tester

The best part about it is you can take your DeWALT 20 volt, Milwaukee, or Makita 18-volt battery that you use on your drills and power it up. It's that simple.

 DeWalt 20 Volt batteries

You can adjust the power voltage that you need between 11 and 30 volts. And it's powerful enough to activate solenoid and motorized latch retraction exit devices. In a nutshell, it's a straightforward, powerful tool to help you troubleshoot on the fly and make sure the products that you're working with actually work.

 CAT Field Tester


In this example, I'll be hooking up the DeWALT battery on the field tester. All the units are the same, but they come with a different plug. Put a note if you need a Milwaukee, Makita, or DeWALT plug when you order.

 How to use the CAT Field Tester

Start by plugging in the battery and then set the voltage range. I'm going for 12 volts because I have an old electronic strike to check if it still works.

 Using the CAT Field Tester

electric strike testing

Next is to clip the alligator clips to the device. Once done, push the power button, and wait to hear a sound.

 Testing an electric strike with the CAT Field Tester

Once you hear the sound, it is done. You are now confident that the device still works. At that point, you can proceed, or if there's a problem, you can deal with it before you get the job done. 

The Command Access field tester, a great affordable device that makes it super quick to test, electrify the locking hardware on the go. In the notes below is a link to the product; you can check it out and get all the data on the tester. Please send us your thoughts on this tester in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.
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