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VATS Interrogator

VATS Interrogator

VATS Interrogator

Aero Lock has recently stepped up to continue providing locksmiths with an effective way to determine the resistor value on a VATS equipped vehicle. The product marketplace is void of another interrogation-only V.A.T.S. tool. Other manufacturers bundle the interrogator and reader together, increasing versatility but also increasing product cost. Locksmiths and auto technicians alike know the value of this tool, and without it there is needless time spent working on a vehicle when the keys have been lost.

The operation of the machine is simple and effective. Once a working metal key is made for the vehicle, the key can be inserted into the V.A.T.S probe. Dial the indicator to the first number and attempt to start the vehicle. If it does not start, take the probe out of the ignition and wait 4 minutes. Turn the dial to the next number. Repeat these steps until the vehicle starts. After the vehicle successfully starts, take note of the V.A.T.S. key number the dial selector is on. This will be the correct V.A.T.S. key number for the vehicle.

Vats Interrogator

The benefits of the product are useful for all car key technicians from single man mobile operations to automotive dealerships. The tool is affordable enough for start-up companies and those looking to equip multiple service vans with an interrogator.  Especially important is accuracy and reliability. Regardless of the low cost, a product has to work. Aero has done just that. Quality construction at an affordable price.

The Aero Lock V.A.T.S. Interrogator is built in the USA using quality products. Each unit is tested before it ships for accuracy and reliability. Beyond build quality, Aero Lock offers an experienced staff of locksmiths that have used and tested the product and even been part of building the machine. Should there be any questions or complications, Aero will be there to assist you.

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