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Best IC Keys

Best IC Keys

Best IC Keys

No interchangeable core lock system has experienced the success close to Best. The Best system interchangeable cores and keys have been used on a vast number of schools, institutions, and businesses. Many of the Best IC features are appealing for these varied institutions, including easy ability to change, expansive capabilities in master keying, and security. These features are coupled with a very large aftermarket that has copied the original design to provide aftermarket Best IC keys, cores, and compatible locks.


One of their many distinctions is the number of keyways available. Best IC keys can be found in over 20 distinct keyways for public use, and many more restricted keyways. Best has also done a fine job in allowing for grand master keys that will work in several more specific keyways. Through this system, many more locks are able to be keyed uniquely, even within the same system. A particular lock may be keyed the same as another lock, but can have a different keyway and both of them the same grand master key.


Another fine distinction of Best IC Keys is their very tight tolerances. The locks are difficult to pick due to this, as well as their keyway design. With the tight tolerances, unauthorized entry becomes increasingly restricted, as well as key cutting. Traditional key cutters are capable, but often have trouble, duplicating these keys. Brand specific Best IC key punches are much more reliable when copying or cutting keys by bitting.


Referencing Best IC Keys is usually fairly simple, as most aftermarket manufacturers continue to keep the Best keyway reference somewhere in the part number. For example, the Ilco key blank for the Best B keyway is A1114B. You will notice the “B” in the last place of the part number. Many aftermarket manufacturers of Best IC Keys will also replicate the original by stamping the keyway letter/number combination into the blade of the key. A careful inspection of most of these keys will reveal this small factory stamp to show the user the type of keyway it is.

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