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*Spend $392.29 and get the #Lockboss 24/7 Tumbler for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Key Blanks In Bulk

Key Blanks In Bulk

Key Blanks in Bulk

As businesses of all industries grow, they inevitably are faced with the problem and joy of consumers using more and more of their goods on a daily or weekly basis. As stock depletes quicker, inventory has to be ordered in more and more often. To cater to these needs, wholesalers often offer many of the most popular items in bulk. The advantage of buying in bulk is, despite higher cost up front, there are often considerable discounts per item. This is no different to locksmith tools and supplies. One of these items is key blanks. Popular key blanks can be sold by the fifties or hundreds, even to a single customer. Buying these keys in bulk packs can significantly increase profit margins per key blank or lower the retail price to increase competitiveness against other businesses.


A popular example of this are bulk packs of KW1 key blanks. These can be bought at a higher price if purchased in small quantities, but are offered at a considerable discount when purchased in bulk. These are often in packs of 250 key blanks or cases of 1000. KW1 keys are a popular item for many residential homes or apartments, and customers often desire several of these cut. Technicians servicing multiple residential locks in a day will no doubt require a good stock of KW1 key blanks.


Another key that is commonly found in both residential and commercial applications is the SC1. Schlage and several other aftermarket companies have used this keyway in thousands of applications from simple home door hardware to padlocks. These can be purchased in bulk cases of 250 or 1000 at a discounted rate per key when compared to purchasing them in smaller quantities.

Schlage Key Blank

These provide a few examples of keys found at better prices when buying in large quantity. These two certainly aren’t the only example. It can be profitable for locksmiths to consider buying these and other key blanks in bulk.

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