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Introducing Lishi Tools

Introducing Lishi Tools

The High Security Pick/Decoding Experts

Lishi Tools is a locksmith tool company offering a variety of products that are able to pick and decode high security locks. By offering an easy to use manual and tool, locksmiths and technicians are able to decode high security, or sidewinder, locks. Previous to the introduction of these tools, decoding and picking had been a very difficult task.

Lishi Tools 2 in 1 Pick/Decoder for Honda High Security ( HON66 )

A very popular keyway for modern Honda vehicles is the HON66. This lock system has increased security features to prevent unwanted entry or theft, but poses several challenges to the locksmith attempting to regain entry for a customer or create keys when all others have been lost. The Lishi Tools 2 in 1 Pick/Decoder offers an efficient alternative to other entry methods. It also serves as an excellent way to generate keys without disassembly of the lock. The wafers of these locks can be a challenge to remove, and the general removal of the lock from the vehicle can be time consuming for even an experienced technician.

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More Locksmith Tools from Lishi

Beyond the Honda Pick/Decoder, Lishi also offers other quality tools. CLK Supplies is an authorized Lishi dealer and we carry other tools like the Lishi 2 in 1 Pick/Decoder for Volkswagen High Security (HU66v3) or the pick wallet.


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