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Ford And GM Locksmith Tools

Ford and GM Locksmith Tools

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, GM and Ford vehicles were both using lock systems that posed a few challenges to the simple servicing of the ignition and door locks. With some training and precision, either of these locks could be filed by hand. However, locksmiths know that not all locks are made or maintained the same. Ford and GM locksmith tools have become available to service these issues that sometimes arise. It seems for some reason or another, there can be a part malfunctioning to stop simple key generation. That is exactly where theselocksmith tools come in.

Ford Sure Shot

The simple fact about Ford ignitions is that a quick removal and replacement is sometimes the best option in terms of cost and labor time. Especially on vehicles that have already had an ignition replacement, removing the old ignition and inserting a new part makes the most financial sense. The Ford Sure Shot locksmith tool will start Ford 10-cut key vehicles, (1984 ½ -1996 cars, trucks and vans) without damage to the vehicle or its steering column. The LT-78 also allows you to change the steering column lock without steering wheel or column tear down. This makes a lot of jobs very quick and opens up an option that technicians would not have without the Ford Sure Shot locksmith tool.

locksmith toolsGM Tumbler Decoder

This inexpensive set of GM Tumbler gauges eliminates the guesswork when reading the tumblers on 6-cut single-sided GM keys. After removing the door, trunk, or glove box lock, time can be saved by utilizing this set of gauges. There is no need to take apart the lock plug or waste key blanks by guessing the depths. The GM Tumbler Decoder locksmith tool works by pressing inward on the side bar and rake the tumblers, until the side bar moves inward to the unlocked position. Then, beginning with the longest gauge, place the gauge pin over each wafer until the shoulder stop butts against the top of the plug. This part can be found by the part number HPCGMTD-5.

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