C123 Key Blanks

C123 Key Blanks

What started out as a new keyway by Schlage turned into a very popular alternative to some of their more popular keyways. The C123 key blanks have an additional security feature that has been very attractive to businesses and facilities not wanting to purchase expensive, high security hardware. This, alongside Schlage’s use of the C123 key blanks in many of their commercial locks, have contributed to the keyway’s popularity.

C123 Key Blanks Features

Schlage used a few things on the C123 key blanks that proved very helpful. To aid in the war against lock picking and unwanted entry, they incorporated an additional side, spring-tensioned pin that rides on a groove cut into the side of the key. This provides additional protection against lock picking. The unique key is also not as popular or accessible as other common Schlage keyways such as the SC1 or SC4. Not every hardware store and aftermarket lock is going to include  C123 key blanksthat could be used as a bump key.

These key blanks are part of a line from Schlage called Everest. It uses six pin-tumblers, along with the previously mentioned side pin as locking components. The Everest is easily identified by the logo on the face of the plug.

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