Quick Entry Locksmith Tools

Quick Entry Locksmith Tools

Don’t Let Your Limited Locksmith Tool Supply Keep You In the Cold

As a locksmith working on gaining entry to vehicles and buildings, amongst other odds and ends, we simply can’t get into things quick enough. Especially during these winter months, the cold can be close to unbearable. All a frost bitten locksmith can think about is getting the door or vehicle open and jumping back into their warm vehicle. A few locksmith tools came to our attention this month as we were considering our friends out and about this winter.

Lishi Torch Flashlight

Lishi Torch Flashlight

For all locksmiths that are servicing high security vehicles, especially at night, this accessory is excellent. A small and compact LED light that integrates into Lishi picks, the Lishi Torch allows a technician to see without requiring an extra hand. If you work on call 24 hours a day or are ever caught in the dark, this is a must have item.

Big Easy Long Reach Automotive Entry Tool

Some locksmiths have varied opinions about the long reach tools. The Big Easy has a love it or hate it reputation amongst locksmiths. Some say leave it for the tow truck drivers to use, others say they can’t do without it. Regardless of opinion, there always seems to be a time and a place for the Big Easy long reach tool. A locksmith can’t argue with the speed and efficiency of the Big Easy when a window is down a crack and the tool can slip in and press the unlock button or grab a handle inside the vehicle. The glow in the dark coating has also been a nice feature added through the years in order to see things a little better.

All benefits aside, any technician needs to be careful, especially in the cold when wedging doors and using long reach tools. Glass can easily break in the cold, leaving you stuck with unhappy customers, poor service, and a bill for damages costing more than the unlock.

Pump Wedge

A simple pump wedge can be really helpful when used with the Big Easy. It certainly can make for some of the fastest entries into vehicles. The pump wedge can slip into very snug doors and is able to offer precise action to avoid “springing” a door or shattering a window. If you are a technician that hasn’t tried the use of a pump wedge when using a long reach tool, give it a try! The tool is durable and will become a locksmith tool you don’t leave the shop without.

These are some great locksmith tools that can help you gain entry a little faster. If you want to see even more automotive entry tools, check out www.clksupplies.com!

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