Face Cap Pliers

Face Cap Pliers

Some locksmith tools are used every day and in nearly any job. Tools used more rarely can be overlooked, but at the loss of excess amounts of time. Face cap pliers were invented to save valuable and often rare face caps when locksmiths are servicing these locks. Other tools often bend and break a face cap to the point it cannot be repaired. Face cap pliers changed this.

gator face cap pliers


Gator Face Cap Pliers

Gator introduced their face cap pliers in 1998 and continue to offer the best tools on the market.  The tool came from many years of doing facecap removal with a screw driver, pliers, punch and a hammer. Locksmiths were frustrated when they had limited funds to stock a large quantity of replacement facecaps. The result of this was trying to remove the facecap with a screw driver. This was often challenging or impossible, along with the wasted time in ordering the new cap from a supply house.

The Gator face cap tool is fully adjustable to tackle any size of automotive and non-automotive facecap from the very thin and small to the very large. The tool requires a minimum amount of adjusting to give a professional look after reinstallation of the facecap. The  Gator Tools, Face Cap Pliers – FCP42c” also has a very durable finish to resist rust and weathering. The hardened tips on the tool are made to last a lifetime, but in the unlikely even of breakage, can be replaced.

Re-installing face caps is another essential in completing a service job. A loose face cap can fall off or spin, resulting in the key being unable to fit in the lock, corrosion occurring inside, or complete lock failure. The Gator face cap pliers are specifically designed to clam around the edge of the face cap and tighten it down snuggly.

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