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4 Things Customers Want In A Locksmith

4 Things Customers Want In A Locksmith

4 Things Customers Want In A Locksmith

In order to best present yourself and your company, know what customers expect in a locksmith…



Some may overlook the necessity of a professional attire, both what is worn and the markings of the vehicle. Clearly marked vehicle that reads the company name, identifies the vehicle is a locksmith company, and professional, company uniform helps customers know they are dealing with a reputable business. Customers have to trust whoever it is servicing their locks, unlocking their home/car/business, installing their safe, etc.


When customers are calling to find a locksmith, they need someone they can trust. After all, as locksmiths, we are gaining entry to their homes, cars, and businesses without the use of a key. Customers may feel surprised the ease of entry into a vehicle or their home, both of which are very personal. Local ownership and operation helps them know the person doing the job is someone working down the street, and probably living in the area, just as they are. Local ownership and operation also means that response time is faster, with smaller service call fees.


Everyone who has worked in the locksmith industry knows and has seen improper work. Whether it has been filing off the top of a cylinder to make it turn (when unnecessary), drilling out a lock without attempting to pick it, scraping paint and weatherstripping on vehicle doors during unlocking…the list goes on. It is very important to use the best and most professional methods of entry when possible . Don’t take shortcuts that may save a few seconds or minutes that cost the customer more or damage their property. Take the extra time to pick a lock before drilling it, install paint protectors around automotive entry tools, or whatever it may be to do the job correctly.



It should go without saying, but always give a customer your business card when working on any job. Customers will stick with a locksmith they know, especially in emergency situations. A customer receiving a professional greeting and business card can mean the difference between repeat business and shopping around. Further, always check the ID of the person to match the place or vehicle that is being accessed, rekeyed, etc. This not only covers yourself, but if the customer will be happy you did; knowing you wouldn’t let anyone into their home.

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