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Questions To Ask Your Customers Part 2

Questions to Ask Your Customers Part 2

As discussed in our last post, there are a number of profitable questions to ask customers on the phone before arriving to the job site. One of the first questions we mentioned before  was whether a vehicle or home/office would be serviced. In this second half of our two part locksmith blog post (you can read the first post here), we will be exploring helpful questions to  ask customers before arriving to a vehicle needing locksmith service of some kind.

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The Essential Questions

Beyond learning that a vehicle will be serviced, as opposed to another type of lock, questions to ask may be:

  • What is the make, model, color, and year of the vehicle?
  • Are you the registered owner to this car?
  • Where is the vehicle located exactly?
  • Has this lock caused any problems before?
  • If you would like more keys made, how many?
  • Is there anything else that needs serviced while the locksmith is there?

In our experience, some customers do not know very much about their vehicle. Beyond color, some have no idea of further vehicle details! Be sure to be patient and ask other questions to help inform you of the type of vehicle. Key shape and vehicle appearance may help you, the locksmith, to better understand what you will be working on or requesting they look at insurance cards or available paperwork to verify what the details of the vehicle are.


There is some further relevance to some questions than others depending on the job situation. Of course, a simple unlock may not require you to have the exact model year in some cases, but in the age of transponder keys, security systems, and sidewinder keys-one model year can make a large difference!

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