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Power To The Local Locksmith

In the current era of Internet search, people are finding and advertising their businesses with search engines(SE’s) like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Representation on these SEs can be increasingly difficult, taking time, money, and expertise. The challenge for so many locksmiths is competition with irrelevant, illegitimate, even fraudulent locksmith businesses on Google or other search engines. It is frustrating for locally owned small businesses to lose sales to these frauds who are providing uninsured, un-bonded, untrustworthy, and often poor quality work.

Locksmith’s Problems With Search Engine Results

For a local, reputable locksmith to rank worse than a locksmith-near-you or equivalent is disheartening. Unfortunately, a disproportionate amount of money has been sent by the “other guys” on rankings and much less on quality work and products. How much is being lost exactly? Reliable data on search engines show about 80-90 percent of web traffic going to the first result, with a trickle down from this. Those businesses who have to be scrolled for, or worse yet, found on the second page, are almost never receiving search traffic. 

This problem is so bad that Google, Yellowbook, Ziplocal, Dex Media, Angie’s List and over 160 online directories are facing charges for violating U.S. and state laws. Tom Demont, president of ALOA Security Professionals, said his association receives about three or four complaints a week from consumers who say they were defrauded by unlicensed locksmiths. The problem has gained media attention nation wide, and every legal win in this area is a win for every local and reputable locksmith businesses.

What should locksmiths do?

The best things for locksmiths to do are:

  • Keep an up-to-date and informative website, optimized by an SEO expert.
  • Ensure your company is posted in local search results, like Google Plus local or Yahoo local.
  • Ensure other listings and databases have your companies information up to date, try searching for your company and seeing what comes up.
  • Search for terms people may be using to find your business and be sure you are using those terms on your website correctly.
  • Maintain a social media presence

About CLK Supplies

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