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*Spend over $345 and add the #Lockboss Forever Party Pack to your cart for FREE!*

Locksmith Training Program Book

by LTP
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Use this Locksmith Training Program to expand your knowledge base in this fast-paced industry. If you want to become a qualified locksmith technician or are interested in taking your skills to the next level, this program is for you. Your technical knowledge will improve and your customers will have more confidence in you. Our program provides an understanding of the skills you need to become a Certified Professional Locksmith. After each lesson we offer free quizzes to make sure you understand what you are learning.The program leads to your certifications and possible state license. 

This 600 page book has 13 Lessons that were made to help you move up in this industry: 

Lesson 1: Maximizing Comprehension

Lesson 2: Key Blank Identification- LTP-2-ALL

Lesson 3: Cylinder Servicing, Pin and Disc Type- LTP-3-ALL

Lesson 4: Key Duplication

Lesson 5: Codes and Equipment 

Lesson 6: Basic Master Keying

Lesson 7: Lock Service

Lesson 8: Lockset Functions

Lesson 9: Professional Opening Techniques- LTP-9-ALL

Lesson 10: Impressioning- LTP-10-ALL

Lesson 11: Cabinet, Furniture and Mail Box Locks

Lesson 12: Exit Hardware and Alarms

Lesson 13: Door Closers