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Ford Sure Shot

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$ 68.00

                                 Ford Sure Shot by LTI

The Best Locksmith Tool For Ford 10 Cut

Something often found on Ford igni­tions is that a quick removal and replace­ment is often the best solution in terms of cost and time spent on the job. The Ford Sure Shot really shines when locksmiths are working on a vehicle that has already had an igni­tion replace­ment. Remov­ing the old igni­tion and insert­ing a new part makes the most finan­cial sense. The Ford Sure Shot lock­smith tool will start Ford 10-​​cut key vehi­cles, (1984 ½ –1996 cars, trucks and vans) with­out dam­age to the vehi­cle or its steer­ing col­umn. The LT-​​78 also allows you to change the steer­ing col­umn lock with­out steer­ing wheel or col­umn tear down. This makes a lot of jobs very quick and opens up an option that tech­ni­cians would not have with­out the Ford Sure Shot lock­smith tool.

  • This locksmith tool will start most Ford 10 cut vehicles ( 85-96 Cars, Trucks and vans) without damage to the vehicle or the steering wheel and does not require column tear down.