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Advanced Diagnostics TCode Pro Journeyman (w/26 Programs)

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$ 8,385.00

Advanced Diagnostics TCode Pro Journeyman (w/26 Programs)

Advanced Diagnostics has been by far the leader in Transponder Programming Equipment. The TCode allows users to program a wide variety of vehicles. Below is a list of the program software and equipment  included with the      "JOURNEYMAN" Package.

Click Here to view the application guide for the TCode Pro / MVP Pro. Please note this is just a basic application guide for ALL TCode Pro and MVP Pro Machines. You will need to compare the software required for the applications with the software this machine comes with.

Equipment this Package Includes:

  • TCode Pro machine
  • All Standard Cables
  • All Standard Dongles for the Software Purchased (optional dongles not included)
  • Smart Card Calculator Kit ( 1 Calculator, 2 Cards &  Carry Case)
  • The most Current  Programming Manual

 Software Programs this Package Includes:

  • Chrysler Basic CAN (ADS-113)
  • Chrysler Fobik+CAN 2 thru 5 (ADS-156)
  • Chrysler 2010 (ADS-173)
  • Chrysler PROX (ADS-178)
  • Dodge 2013 (ADS-195)
  • Ford Basic+PATS 4+5,Advanced Cadillac Catera (ADS-100)
  • Ford 2010 (ADS-172)
  • Ford 2011 (ADS-175)
  • GM Basic+Saturn +GTO (ADS-138)
  • GM CAN (ADS-139)
  • GM PROX (ADS-187)
  • Hyundai/KIA w/PIN Read (ADS-118)
  • Honda/Acura Basic+Honda 2007 (ADS-110)
  • Honda Accord 2008 (ADS-166)
  • Mazda CAN (ADS-133)
  • Mitsubishi (ADS-117)
  • Mitsubishi CAN/PROX (ADS-154)
  • Nissan (ADS-112)
  • Nissan CAN PROX (ADS-159)
  • Nissan 2009 (ADS-169)
  • Toyota/Lexus Keys & Remotes (ADS-125)
  • Toyota/Lexus 2007 (ADS-150)
  • Toyota 2010 (ADS-174)
  • VW/Audi (ADS-115)
  • VW/Audi CAN (ADS-146)
  • Hyundai/KIA CAN (ADS-147)