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2015 Autotel Software- A Must Have For Automotive Locksmiths

by ASP
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$ 139.95
2015 Autotel Software- A Must Have For Automotive Locksmiths

What is Autotel?

Autotel is a computer program designed for the locksmith industry. You use Autotel in your lockshop or service vehicle. Autotel takes vehicle information from all the major locksmith lock manufactures (Auto Security, Lockcraft, Strattec), key blank usage, and pricing, and puts them together in one simple to use program!

Autotel tells you . . .
Keying Kits - Ignition Locks - Door Locks - Trunk Locks - Uncoded Locks - Facecaps - 
Service Packages - Keyblank Crosses - Footnotes - Prices - Labor Times - Plus Much More !
  • Over 96 Vechile Manufactures and their makes, from Acclaim to Yugo, Foreign and Domestic.
  • Over 13,200 vehicles listed
  • Many Tumbler Locations & Code Locations
  • Creates Work Estimate using your shop rates and times. Many labor times are included.
  • Print Work Estimates for your customer
  • Time values are user changeable
  • Picture Gallery: Over 4000 lock parts are displayed as pictures on your computer screen, many in color
  • Now in its 19th year
  • Updated each year ($89.95)
  • Works with Widows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 (32-bit Compatible)