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*Spend $249 and get the #Lockboss Icon Beanie for FREE when you add it to your cart*

Ilco Key Blank Directory 12th Edition

by Ilco
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Ilco Key Blank Directory 12th Edition

This directory continues to be the industry standard for referencing key blanks. All key images and profiles are to scale and organized to for quick identification. It has 452 pages jam packed full of information

Here are the 11 helpful sections to help you find the key you are looking for.

Section 1 - Worldwide Vehicle: Key blanks used in vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, yard tractors, etc.) and applications related to vehicles (such as gas caps, steering wheel locks, toolboxes, etc.). This is a worldwide listing.

Section 2 - North American Cylinder: Key blanks for residential and commercial applications (including padlocks) that are primarily sold in North America (Canada, United States, Australia and Mexico). Lock manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order. Some key blanks may be listed in other sections. If you cannot find a lock manufacturer in a particular section, be sure to refer to the brand index

Section 3 - International Cylinder: Key blanks for residential and commercial applications (including padlocks) that are primarily made and sold in markets other than North America or Australia. Lock manufacturers are organized in alphabetical order. Silca and Orion key blank
numbers are referenced below the ILCO number.

Section 4A - Originals: Through licenses with vehicle manufacturers, we are now authorized to offer automotive key blanks with the original manufacturers’ logos. This section includes Chrysler, Ford, and GM originals.

Section 4B - Look Alikes: Key blanks which are made as close to the original as legally possible. They would meet the industry standards of an original, except they do not carry the original or ILCO logo. They are also normally less expensive than original equipment key blanks.

Section 5 - Safe Deposit:Worldwide listing of key blanks for safe deposit and some safe applications. Safe deposit manufacturers are shown in alphabetical order.

Section 6A - Flat Steel: Steel and other material key blanks that are used in

warded padlocks, gym lockers, yard tractors, etc. They are organized by lock manufacturer where possible and listed in numerical order.

Section 6B - Specialty Keys and Assortments: Specialty key blanks such as large bow, neuter bow, painted keys and key blank assortments areshown in this section.

Section 7 - Bit and Barrel: Keys are separated by type (i.e. bit or barrel).Technical data, including material (i.e. malleableiron, bi-metallic, brass, etc.), is shown beneath each key illustration.

Section 8 – Miscellaneous: Specialty key blanks such as Ultralites, Plastic Color Head, Hotel Head, and Do Not Duplicate are shown in this section.

Section 9 - Assortments and Merchandising Aids: Key displays, key towers, assortments, etc. to assist in organizing and displaying key inventory.

Section 10 - Key Machines: A brief description of our most popular key machines from Ilco, Orion, and Silca that are currently offered by Kaba Ilco Corp..

Section 11 - Cross Reference: The cross reference consists of three sections. The first two cross reference Dominion Lock and Taylor numbers to the Ilco number. The third cross reference lists major lock and replacement key manufacturers in alphabetical order with their key numbers in the appropriate sequence. The ILCO key equivalent is listed beside the original or competitors’ key number. This listing is set up as a functional cross reference. Certain replacement key manufacturers have been omitted due to laws in their respective countries concerning the publishing of a cross reference.