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Squarousel Key Rack Display

$ 90.00

Squarousel Key Rack Display

SQUAROUSEL-MODEL 2000 Display Rack

The Squarousel is Jet Hardware's unique double-sided point-of-sale key rack and bench display.

It holds up to 96 types of the key blanks most often requested by your customers.

The Jet Squarousel is constructed of 3/16-inch steel rod and pivots through 360° on a stable circular base with three flange mounts for security.

Supplied with the Squarousel are preprinted, self adhesive key blank identification labels that you apply yourself. 

Colorful, Compact display requires only 14-inches of your counter space. 

Custom design your keyboards with self-adhesive labels that you apply to fit your own assortment.

 Only two rotating panels . . . Keys are easily located. 

Welded key hooks provide open display for 96 different keys, with storage capacity of 18 keys per hook.

Displays more than 1,700 keys.