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Why you need this 2-Sided Rotating Key Display!

As a locksmith, a great question to figure out is 'How do you display your key blanks?' I believe the most popular method is like this. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling packed full of every key you can imagine. It's an excellent sight for the customer. They walk through your door, see a massive display of key blanks, and it's going to make them feel like they've come to the right place to get their keys cut.

But what happens if you don't have that much space? What happens if you don't have that many keys yet or don't have that massive display? How are you displaying all your novelty and specialty keys? It's hard for customers to pick out which painted or aluminum key they want to buy from five feet away. You want to get those keys up close, so they can figure out which key they can't live without, and that's where this Ilco two-sided key display comes in.

 wall of key blanks

The two-sided rotating key display only requires a 16-inch diameter of workspace. So if you were to mark off on your counter 16 inches by 16 inches, you would be able to tell if this display fit. It is 32 inches tall, and this one has traveled the country with us at a trade show, yet it's still in perfect shape. They've done an excellent job building this display to look professional. Your customers aren't going to think it looks cheap, or flimsy, or old. It has a modern, friendly look.

Wondering how many keys can fit on a hook? I put as many Kwikset keys on a hook as possible and figured out that it can accommodate 15 keys. So if we did some basic math and times 15 keys by 84 hooks, you're going to be able to display over 1200 keys on this display. And like I said earlier, whether you're putting the big head SC1 keys, the colored aluminum keys, the painted keys, or team keys like this Seahawks key, it will still look organized and professional.

 key blanks on display

So if you're looking for a way to display your keys to attract your customer professionally, you have to check out this two-sided rotating key display by Ilco. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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