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What Locksmith Tool or Part is this?



"Holy crap I won the silca!!!!! My birthday was the week after the drawing and this is BY FAR the best present I could have asked for. You guys really are the best I cannot thank you enough. Can’t wait to get my first chips out of this I will definitely put it to good use. This really put a smile on my face after a tough week thanks P.J. And everyone at CLK. With my name on YouTube being LuckyStrike This #LockBoss feels like he struck lucky. Thanks again" - LuckyStrike

PJ: Who knows what will be given away? I mean, it is possible that the machine that's been sitting in here for a while, the Triton, where we’re still doing some videos on. Maybe one day we should give that one away. Why not? Maybe one day we will.


"Thanks for the gear! You can tell PJ coffee's been going in the mug and that's a kayak in the background. " -James R.

Coffee is going in the mug. We got the lock boss forever tank in the background with the koozie. All good stuff right there if you ask me. James R, thank you for sending that in.


"Thank you so much for the gifts I am about to move my lishis and picks over to this bad boy. Thank you all!!!!" - Dustin

Of course, what he's referring to is the Lockpick lodge right there. We knew it'd be a hit but we did not know how excited everyone before it. So, thank you for all that positive feedback and all the purchases. Those things have been flying off the shelves. And then of course, in the picture, you'll see the WedgeCo Extractor kit; that's like the big beefy kit. Really good key extracting kit. Dustin, I hope you enjoy those!



Yes, Julio, I agree with you. I mean, if the Triton plus could make sandwiches, I guarantee that Locksny would buy one. I'm just throwing that out there. But, yeah, it's a really cool machine. I love the features. If the Futura is on the top, a machine you can rely on, and then you have the machines on the bottom where they don’t have support; Triton is the middle ground where you can get the support and a reliable machine. Thanks again, Julio. I just got the Triton from ALOA convention, so watch out cool videos for the upcoming weeks.


The point of this segment is for the lock boss community to learn and grow together. Part of that is to have a little bit of fun, talk about some things, and learn something. Here we go!


What it looks like to PJ and the community:  What could it possibly be? It looks like a little metal piece. Could it be an insert for your water bottle? Could it be a button insert? It almost looks like something you would find in like a carburetor, right?

Answer: This is actually an SFIC spacer. If you have a seven pin mortise cylinder, but you only have a six-pin core to go in it, you need this spacer on the back of the cylinder or onto the tail piece so that the six-pin will fit perfectly.


What it looks like to PJ and the community:  What could it be? Once again, every little metal part to me like that looks like it could go on a carburetor. A carburetor piece, maybe?

Answer: It is a compressible spring cap on F series. So a lot of times how you get introduced to one of these can be when you're taken out of the cylinder, but when you try to master key these and you put the key and try it, it pops off.


What it looks like to PJ and the community:  For the first time, I don't think of it as a carburetor part. To me, it looks like a plumbing part. That's something you would unscrew; almost like a nut that holds on a kitchen sink.

Answer: That is a mortise cylinder retaining rain. There's going to be applications where you don't have a lock body to be screwing the mortise cylinder into, so instead, you would use the rain.

This is one of the shocking items that we have sold. Years ago, when we started selling it, we have some customers asking for orders of 100 to 200 pieces of these at a time. Absolutely, blows my mind.


What it looks like to PJ and the community:  At first glance, I look at it as a tooth puller. Clip it together and pop the tooth out. Maybe a splinter removal tool? Have your splinter and pop it right out? Maybe have brake spring compressors or a rivet gun?

Answer: That is a roll pin removal tool. Essentially, when you flip the key out there's the key blade. Where and how that typically attaches to the remote is a roll pin. The are three different sizes to adjust to get push that roll pin out so you can replace the blade.


What it looks like to PJ and the community:  What locksmith part or tool is this?  Mouse trap? Hammer? Some sort of torture device?

Answer: It is a transponder chip removal tool. It's set up where you put a transponder key in it and by using the tool, you push the guts out of the plastic, then you find your key.  

What it looks like to PJ and the community:  Possibly some sort of key to a Secret Garden? An oddly bent shaped Allen key? Church key? The key to your love one’s heart?

Answer: It’s a dogging key. It's a fancy Allen/hex wrench. An Allen wrench shaped at the end so you can grab it instead of an L. But you can use one of these; they come with the panic device that you use. But of course, you can also use an Allen wrench in its place.

Thank you so much for participating! We're going to continue learning and growing. And of course, we're going to keep giving. Thank you, and we’ll see you next time.

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