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USA Padlocks | SFIC Padlocks That are Simple and Easy To Use!

Are you looking for easy-to-use USA padlocks? If that's the case, check out the latest Lock Voy Freedom Series and SFIC padlocks. They work for both six and seven-pin cores and don't need a special adapter, which is incredibly convenient. They're manufactured in the United States with global parts and aircraft-grade aluminum. They also are bypass and shim proof.


The two sizes currently available are: 9AR which is 1.5" wide with a little longer. Still, it's comparable to a standard laminated steel padlock with a diameter of 38 to 40 millimeters. The shackle diameter will be 0.25 inches ". This is significant because you will encounter applications with a smaller diameter shackle and body, which is a perfect match for it.

 Lock Voy Padlock

Now the 10AR is the standard-sized padlock that you would expect for SFIC. It's 1.75" wide, and the shackle diameter is 0.3125".

 Freedom Series Lock Voy Padlock

And as mentioned earlier, both work with six and seven-pin cores. Here's how they work. The image below shows the seven pins with the control key.

 7 pins on Lock Voy padlock


Make sure you can angle the two little prongs to the hole in the back of seven pins.

 USA Padlocks

Lock Voy Padlock

A little quick tip, use the Cal-Royal. It allows you to get into the core and align the tailpiece down perfectly like the image below.

 Temporary Plastic SFIC Turn Knob

Using the Lock Voy padlock

Once you have it, all you have to do is take your core, the seven-pin, put it in, and pull the key out. It's nice and straightforward. You can take the core out without stopping using the key. If the tailpiece got misaligned, realign it again. Do the same instruction for the six-pin core.

Image of Lock Voy Padlock


For both the 9AR and the 10AR, you need to do it the same way. I'm going to use the 9AR for the demonstration.

The first thing you need to do is to open up the padlock.

 Change the shackle on Lock Voy padlock

Once you do that, look for the Allen wrench on the opposite side of where the logo is, then unscrew it.

The shackles come with the padlocks; it is about an inch and three-sixteenths clearance lengthwise. You can purchase a two-inch, a three-inch, and a five-inch shackle length separately.

In this demonstration, I'll be using the two-inch.

Once you have the Allen screw out, set it aside.

 Padlock made in the USA

Make sure to turn the keys, and when it's turned all the way, pull the shackle out. Set the shackle off to the side, grab the two-inch that we want to replace it with, and make sure that we have that ball pushed down. That's why turning the key is so important to get it in the past the little spot.

 Remove the shackle on padlock

Once you have it, turn the key all the way and pull it out. Now it's going to seat, be seated where it needs to go naturally.

 Installing a new shackle on the lock voy padlock

Tighten the Allen screw back in, all the way. Once you have it, you're done. Go ahead and close the lock. Take the key in, open it. It's that simple to change the shackle.  

 Lock Voy Padlocks

I'd love to know your thoughts on these SFIC padlocks by Lock Voy. Please let me know your comments!

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