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Transponder Keys Explained | HO05 Honda

Conquer the HO05 transponder key. This particular key is used from 2013-to 2021. The 2022 data is not out yet, so it's uncertain if it'll still be used in 2022. Many vehicles today are equipped with either prox or the Honda flip keys, and what still makes this key good and popular is that not all the time, a customer is going to want a full remote headed key. They're going to want maybe an inexpensive key as a backup or a backup of a backup, or in an emergency, sometimes there's going to want the cheapest option because it's a big expense that people were not expecting.


The other nice thing about the HO05 transponder key is that it's a great key to keep on yourself. It is because it will cover such a wide range of vehicles. You may not have the exact remote key that the customer needs, but you can at least temporarily offer them the transponder key. By looking at this key, it will probably look familiar because it's practically identical to the HO01 and HO03 keys. The only difference between the three keys is the chip inside.

After you get used to duplicating this type of key, it gets easier and more accessible, although Honda is one of the most difficult ones. An HO05 has an engraved G on the keyblade; even the aftermarket keys have a good possibility to have it.



The chip inside the HO05 is an NXP 96 Bit Chip. Often, you might hear this chip referred to as the Philips NXP chip. The Philips comes from the Philips semiconductors that went through many changes and then became NXP. NXP was listed in the S&P 500 in 2021. Here are a couple of fun facts about where that Phillips comes from. 


This blade is so popular with the different transponder keys. Stocking this test key is excellent, especially when you're learning how to duplicate these. The part number is the HO01-Test.


The same goes with the shell for this. The part number I like and recommend is the JMA shells part number TP00HOND-31.P. Since many of these Honda keys use the same shell, it's also something else that's great to have. If you want to cut inventory, you can stock the shell and not just the test key. However, it'll cost you a little more when you're trying out the keys.


The code series once again is exactly like the other ones. The good thing about Honda using the same key and different chips is that it helps you become familiar with it. The code series is K001-N718.


Duplicating this key is the same as duplicating the HO01, which is like cutting an HO03. The machine used is the Silca Swift plus. It's one of the best entry-level yet high-quality high-security duplicators. But if you have the automatic electronic code cutting machine price security, you can use it. In this case, I want to go over manually because doing this without a lot of experience it's tough.

The key that we will be duplicating is a code cut key. This is the webbing, and it's so important that it is perfect at a .035. Always check that out; make sure it's even along on both sides.  


Put the tip stop, then the key with your finger on top to get all the cut in the jaw. Ensure that it's flat, so there is a grip on the web on both sides before you tighten it.

Remember: Anytime you use tip stop to a high-security key, make sure you can always get all the cuts on the jaw and not hanging off.


Once it is nice and tight, look down to make sure that it looks flat, and if it is not or there's a little bit of an angle, don't cut it. You got to get it perfectly flat.


Install the blank key by doing the same similar thing.


Once cutting the key, treat it as if you are tracing it. When you get your depth set, tighten the knob on it and get to work nice and slow. Do this on the other end as well.


Time to cut the other side. Flip the blank key and install it again correctly by doing the same process and precaution. You can keep the existing key in the way it is or flip it around. Since the existing key is a new code cut key, I chose to leave it as it is and duplicate the same side again. However, if your current key is highly worn, better flip it around.

Always check if the web has an excellent tight grip and see if the key is flat.


That's how you cut this Honda key manually. Of course, if you have an automatic code machine, that's the way to go for these high-security keys. I hope that you found this information helpful. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you next time.

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