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The BEST Secret PJ Didn't Even Know...Do You??

"The best A key is the exact reverse as the Schlage C keyway, like an SC1. You could take a best A key like a BE2 key and stick it into the back of a Schlage C cylinder, and it will go in." – John Trumpy

The best fact or secret will get you up of your chair to prove it and will blow your mind! Because if you are like me or if you've seen the best A key several times, you'll notice that the keyway shape is the exact reverse of SC1. Check this out.



Like the K001 type of cylinder, the standard key-in-knob cylinder has a keyway for the standard Schlage C. There will be no problem putting an SC1 key in it.


And if you remove the cap off the back and insert the best A key, it will go right in. There you have it, and there's a BE2 or best A keyway slides perfectly into the back of a standard Schlage keyway cylinder.


A person like me loves keyway profiles and patterns and loves to memorize them; I'm shocked that I already did not know this information. And so my question is, did you know this information? Did you know a best A key and a Schlage C keyway are the exact mirror opposites of each other? I find it pretty shocking. And I'd love to know if you already knew this information or if it's a surprise like it was to me. Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks, and I will see you next time. 

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