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The 8 Key KeKab by HPC -  Heavy Duty

The 8 Key KeKab by HPC - Heavy Duty

Get to know the KeKab 8 by HPC. It is a cabinet that can hold eight keys. One thing to look forward to is how they're built. It has a nice tough powder coated like metal, actual heavy-duty boxes that are made to be used every day and to stand up to the use. It does come with a cam lock that has a Y11 key way to keep the inside secure. The dimensions of the KeKab 8 are six and a half inches wide, six and a half inches tall, and a little over two inches deep.



On the left side, you're going to see the eight key hooks. Each one is numbered and has a key ring attached to it, which can probably fit two to three keys a piece if you need to. Also, there are mounting holes: two up top and one at the bottom; it also has screws for installing it.


On the right, you're going to see a sticker. You can write a bit basic description of each one or label if you'd like. It's always better to keep the descriptions on a sticker than to write what they do on the tag for security reasons.


This is the KeKab 8 by HPC. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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