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SUB4 Subaru Transponder Key | Everything You Want to Know


The Subaru came out in about 2005 and used it up until right around 2013-2014. The interesting thing about this key is what it looks like because there are two different heads for this one key. An oblong type looking that is historically by far has been the most popular as far as this key goes.

The other key looks like more modern version of it.


Depending on the manufacturer, you could get either one of these. At CLKsupplies, we're now stocking the more compact version because I think it's the better option and no one wants that big hunk of a key in their pocket.


The chip used in this key is made by Texas Instruments. It is an encrypted system and the chip number is 4D62.

The test key is SUB1, also known as X251, it is a standard metal-headed key; probably already in your inventory if you stock automotive keys.

For the chipless key, the part number is TP00SUB-3.P2.


This transponder key only has one code series, 30001 - 37850. The good part about this is when you find one of those keys and you need to cut one by code, duplicate, whatever it might be, it's nice knowing what the code series is going to be because it removes a lot of questions about it.



This key is a fairly simple automotive key to cut. Here’s how it’s done!

Notice that on the SUB1 key there's no shoulder stop, so we're going to be tip-stopping the key here.


In duplicating this key, you can have two different options:

  • Use C jaw and line it up in the groove of the key.


  • Use the A jaw and clamp it underneath part of the key. The main thing to look for is, ‘whether is there enough meat on the bone or material on a key to still be able to clamp it and secure it.’


Install the existing on the left side using a tip stop, and then the blank key on the other side. Once we got those put on, get them nice and tight and start duplicating.


Once a side of the blank key is done, buff it and flip it over. Since we're doing the opposite side, take a little less aggressive approach.

And that's how you cut a SUB1 key or a SUB4 transponder key.


There you have it! All the information that you need to know for the Subaru SUV4 PT transponder key. Make sure to download the PDF document as a quick reference sheet to help you on the go. If you have anything that you would like to add or that you think others would find helpful, go ahead and put them in the comments of our YouTube video below and include the #LockBoss to automatically get entered into win one of five free prizes we give away week on YouTube. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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