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New BE2 Setup Keys for SFIC A2 System - Servicing IC Core Just got easier!

When I was doing the SFIC training part 1 and part 2, it became evident and apparent to me that the most difficult, challenging, and intimidating part of working with best cores is all the math and the keen. 

It's one thing to invest into the pinning kit and the capping and pinning block. And the thing with the IC cores, since you have to eject everything out, it can be easy at times to mess up and lose things a little bit. As soon as you inject all those pins out of the core and you go to rekey them, you got to put something back together. And so, that's why we created these tried and accurate sets of keys. Now they are on the BE2 keyway, which is the best A key.

You might be asking, 'What if I need one for best C keyway or L keyway?' All you need to do is duplicate the keys onto the keyway that you're working on, and it'll work. We made these for both six and seven pins with seven different keys for each.


Let's have a closer look. Alright, so on the key tag, you will find all the information for the keys. You're going to find out there are two keys, one stamped A and one stamp B. The A is the working, and the B is the control key. And the bidding is listed right there. As you can see, this is a seven-pin system here.

And when we flip it around to the other side, you're going to find the pinning chart for the two keys. You're going to find the bottom pin that you need to put in, the control, and the top driver. The control and top driver pins are the top pins listed in your A2 pinning kit number 2 - 19. But that's the pinning stack that you're going to want to put them in. There are little arrows here, and underneath it, it says key tip and then key head. So you want to make sure that you're correctly putting the pins, and the way you're going to do that is you're going to insert a key like this.

The key tip is where you want to start putting those pins into the key head. I want to point out that it's significant for us that when we're making these keys and shipping them out to you, we have test locks for each one of them, and they're all labeled. So after we make them and assemble these, we go ahead and put them in and test them to make sure that they work. That way, we know when you get them, and it's time for you to go to a job. You don't have to worry about them working.

So that's the BE2 setup keys. I hope these will be helpful for you out in the field. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!

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